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How do I get the form completed so the judge approves it since the clerks office doesn't help with that anymore. Since I got a DUI 2nd do I have to have interlock device on my car and if so for how long? Please help me.
You will need to get a copy of your warrant to put in the information about the case number, ,date of arrest and court...
I have four first offence dui's and 1 wrecklace driving . I have a 3 year revocation it has been a year and a half.
CAll you local dmv and a find out when you're eligible to apply for a restricted license.
Pulled over by MP s. Saw a magistrate. Sentenced to 24 hrs and alcohol awareness training
Talk to a TN attorney. Most offenses can be expunged if you have not gotten additional offenses after the DUI (...
I was only brought to a cops attention because a waitress at waffle house whom I do not like went outside and said something to the cops which made them ask me to step outside. I am sure Im an annoyance to this waitress everytime I come in. I've told her to her face she is a horrible waitress and when I go in I make sure I tip the person good as long as it's not her. So she runs out to these cops who she serves and tells them something next thing I know im being asked to come outside for a chat. I was not bothering anyone in my seat at the waffle house. I was never read my rights, never used a breathalyzer or given a sobriety test. I simply was done speaking with them because I felt like this was unnecessary to pull me out in the first place, then they arrest me for pd.
The standard for PI is whether you are a danger to yourself or others because of your intoxication. It has little to do...
I was stopped by Murfreesboro Police and subsequently charged with DUI. Court date is about 2 weeks out and I would like to know the BAC results prior to the first appearance. Do I contact the police department, call the officer or what? Any advice would be appreciated
Unlikely you will find that out before the first court date. As attorneys we are always waiting for discovery which is...
So next week is my last day at probation until unsupervised. I've taken my 2 min. Drug tests and have a little money left to pay. PO said I was done after I bring in my money next week and long as my drug tests clear ( no reason they would not clear ). They won't pop me with suprise drug test will they? No problem if they do, im just curious if they are TRYING to trap me.My PO has been really nice and honest with me, and I have always been cooperative and honest with her as well. They also have majority/ all my money. Any help would be appreciated thank you.
If you are still on probation, supervised or not, you can still be tested. Stay clean.
I was told.i could have scrap metal, but found out later the person that told me that was not the owner as I had thought. I plead guilty to the charge because I was afraid they would take it to higher court & get me with a felony & my money had run out. I am not a thief, just a misunderstanding.i have had 2 DUI , the last one in year 2000. What are my chances of getting this theft expunge from my record. I have a 16 yr old son & can not get a job because of this background . All court cost fines & probation have been completed & paid.
Tennessee did pass a law in 2012 that allows some defendants to have a criminal case expunged. However, it requires (...