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I blew a1.04
Yes you can. Hire a lawyer to protect your rights.
I blew a1.04
No, you cannot lose your driver's license because of a drunk boating conviction. You can, however, lose your privilege...
A friend was caught driving high as a senior in high school and was arrested. He is now 23 and got arrested for driving with a BAC of .13 . Are these considered seperate offenses or are the consequences worse fot the dui because of the previous arrest? What kind of consequences could he be looking at in this case?
The consequences are definitely worse and your friend is in serious trouble. The maximum possible sentence for a second...
Two years ago I was a drug addict.I recieved a phone call from my co defendant wanting to know if I was interested in cashing a check she had, I jumped on in it. She picked me up an hour later and we drove to another town, about an hour and twenty minutes away. Three banks later, I was finally able to cash a check for two thousand dollar, whiich was put in seperate envelopes just like she wanted. On the way out of town on way back home, she pulls into a salvation army store. I went and bought a winter coat, to my surprise, she was in there trying to steal peoples wallets. I knoow this because we were arrested as we exited the store. There was a cobbs agreement made with some court appointed attorney I used . Offered cobbs agreement. Did go back til now. Got life and family together.
Not sure what your question is? Generally, if you are given a Cobbs agreement and the judge refused to follow it, you...
I admitted to having been drunk to the arresting officer and submitted to a breath test. 1st offense.
You were sentenced to the lesser included offense of Operating While Visibly Impaired under State Law but you were...
My license is suspended until March 2015 for a DUI and am looking to move to California. My suspended license is restricted so that I can drive to work. I understand that Michigan is not a member of the DCL but I am aware of the NDR. Will I have to wait until my suspension is over before I can apply for a license in CA? Basically, I'm wondering if I can move to CA before my suspension is cleared. On the other hand, if I waited until my suspension cleared would I be able to move to CA then? Will an application to get a new license be denied if I have a past DUI even when the suspension ends? Thank you!
If you plan on leaving after conviction but before you complete probation you will need the court's permission & you...
am I going to jail? I've paid all fines And on time I can't lose my job bc of this.
That's your story and you're sticking to it? Let's hope the judge is lenient.