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treatment. I was in a relapse prevention program and relapsed. Now she says I need outpatient treatment. Can I hold her to her original evaluation? Can I seek a new evaluation? Am I in violation of probation for not completing the recommended treatment when I, in fact, was in enrolled and the treatment plan was changed on me? I'd like to get my DL back someday as well, but I am more concerned about a probation violation. What do I do next? My one year isn't up yet, but I am getting close.
Evaluations are based on current circumstances and in your case; Circumstances changed when you relapsed. So, the...
I was helping my brother get his car off the road and a cop drives by when I was under the wheel and the car was running while I was under the wheel
I am sorry to hear about your issue. If you can't get the answer you need here, you can have a local criminal defense...
I was arrested for DUI and blew 0.15 Breathalyzer. I already paid $500 bail. Is there anything other than losing my license for 90 days that I need to worry about?
You may also be requied to take alcohol education classes. However, you should consult with ND DUI lawyer to get a...
i got pulled over the oficer did a subriaty test and passed he then arested me and took me to give me a pee tes and it was clean. i had a court date and plead inacent they gave me another court date and when i got there the clerk said it was droped. i want to be paid back for time lost from work and the imbeisment of being arested
I don't think you have a chance.
So I got a dui in North Dakota over a year ago with a California dl. My time is up to get my license back and since I'm a nd resident, I want a nd license. I have done everything I need for nd but California says that I still have another year on my suspension because of a dui I got 8 years ago in ca with a ca license. Even though I live and reside in nd and I'm cleared to get a license in nd, can California keep me from getting my nd license? I have no aspirations to go bck to that state and everything (permanent address, registration, insurance, employment) is all in nd. I am a nd resident. What can I do to get ca to release me from the pointer system so I can get my nd license? Any help would be much appreciated.
You will likely have to satisfy all of CA's requirements before ND will give you a license there even though you...
I refused the breath test not knowing the law, i was charged with refusal aswell,what am i facing ?
Your question is confusing. Please call a local Defense Attorney and discuss the details of your case face to face.