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  • Mountain Brook crime report: Nov. 22-25

    Yesterday | via Alabama Live 

    The following are four criminal offenses that have occurred in Mountain Brook between during the last few weeks in November along with case status information related to recent cases, according to a MBPD update. Theft of Property On 11/25/2014, a theft occurred in the 16 block of Office Park Circle.


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  • Lawyer: Joran van der Sloot stabbed twice in prison

    Monday Nov 3 | via USA Today 

    Peruvian prison officials strongly denied Monday that Joran van der Sloot, a key suspect in the Natalee Holloway disappearance in Aruba, was stabbed and seriously injured in a maximum security prison. Prison official denies Joran van der Sloot was stabbed Peruvian prison officials strongly denied Monday that Joran van der Sloot, a key suspect in the Natalee Holloway disappearance in Aruba, was stabbed and seriously injured in a maximum security prison.


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For instance if i was unbalanced, impaired memory, uncooperative, etc..
Yes, police should report in their incident report and/or probable cause affidavit why their attention was initially...
I was arrested this weekend for DUI this weekend but wasn't read my rights while being arrested or at the jail. Aren't they supposed to?
The warnings required in Miranda v. Arizona apply ONLY in cases of custodial interrogation. That means that the person...
I know, I know..I am a procrastinator. I am considering going with a court appointed attorney, at first, and then if I don't like the way things are being handled, hiring an attorney. Is that a reasonable plan for my situation? I have been financially devastated since my dui as a result of initially refusing the breathalyser and having my license suspended.. My profession is working as a paramedic and I really need to have the best representation for my case..One last bit of important information, I am on unsuprivised probation for a non alcohol related offense..Is that going to increase my chances of being put in jail on my initial hearing? Thanks....
You have a lot to lose and week to retain an attorney. That's plenty of time. Get busy making some phone calls and...
I am in the military stationed in Germany. I got a DUI 16 months ago by the German police. I was turned over to the MP. The whole matter was handled administratively (GOMOR and RFC evaluation). The military licensing authority (PMO) in Germany reported the incident to Alabama (where my stateside DL is issued) and now it shows up as "Activity - Citation, Conviction Date-XX-XX-2013, Description- DUI Liquors" on my driving record. Additionally, my AL license shows suspended and it is my understanding that I must pay reinstatement fee to get that lifted. There was never a conviction, NJP or other type of hearing. Does this sound right? Can I get the entry removed from my Alabama D/L record?
If you agreed to any proposed deal, that likely is where the conviction arises. Check with your JAG officer to explain...
I am confused to as if my license is revoked from the time of my arrest or 45 days after my arrest. I called the DMV a few minutes ago and they stated that my license was still valid. I was arrested on the second of August. I would greatly appreciate any advice. Also, I understand that losing an appeal with the DMV will weaken my chances of beating a DUI case in court, any truth to that?
The officer is supposed to send your license, along with the original AST60 Form, to the Department of Public Safety....
I got a DUI a November 7, 2013 and my probation was terminated by the judge on May 20th. I passed all my test, paid all of my fines and went to all of my classes. Can they still test me if probation has been terminated?
Test you for what? And under what circumstances? DUI probation often includes a condition that you submit to a test...
My fiance is in Veteran's Drug court after pleading guilty to a DUI in December. He has never missed a court appearance or a test and has had no issues with the court. Recently, he came back from drill went to take his test that Monday, another Tues, and Thursday before court, and was sanctioned for testing positive on Monday for opiates. He sent it off for secondary testing *not knowing it added 24 hours to his jail time* and it also came back positive. He was not sentenced due to him then being at AIT in Florida for the Army. When he returned, we immediately got a hair follicle test made at a lab and the results were negative. He is now constantly worried that even if he does not do anything, he will go to jail. This seems to show that their is an issue with the facility itself.
Do we need to sue? Just who would you sue given these circumstances??