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For instance if i was unbalanced, impaired memory, uncooperative, etc..
Yes, police should report in their incident report and/or probable cause affidavit why their attention was initially...
I got a DUI a November 7, 2013 and my probation was terminated by the judge on May 20th. I passed all my test, paid all of my fines and went to all of my classes. Can they still test me if probation has been terminated?
Test you for what? And under what circumstances? DUI probation often includes a condition that you submit to a test...
Gardendale Judge charged me with contempt of court on April 4, 2014 and put me on 1 year probation which I later learned was because he thought I was intoxicated. I did not find out about these charges until after I appeared before the judge. (Went to traffic court for expired tag and no insurance.) I have no money for an attorney. Where can I find a volunteer attorney to help me asap?
Most states consider .08 as the rule if your blood was .03 only if you were a minor, but if .30 you were out of it and...
I got a DUI in GA about a year ago. I live in AL, so the judge allowed me to file "e-reports" every month instead of reporting to a probation officer in GA. I filed my last e-report in February (I paid off my fines sooner), so I thought I was through with probation. However, I went to get my license reinstated, and the DMV clerk told me I had a warrant out for my arrest in GA. It was issued in January, it is now April.. I had no idea about the warrant. I apparently violated probation for failing to prove community service, classes, ect. I did the community service and the classes, but I did not send in the papers before they were due. Is there any way to get the warrant cleared if I prove I completed everything?
This question should be addressed to an attorney in Georgia, ideally an attorney in the same jurisdiction you received...
My license is revoked in Florida but I'm eligible for a hardship license in Florida later this year. My husband has terminal cancer so we want to relocate to Birmingham to be closer to family. I'm concerned about the possibility of being without a driver license if I'm the only adult in the family in the near future.
Normally you will not be able to deal with another state regarding your driving privileges if your home state has taken...
DUI back in 1993 and I would like to get it expunged or sealed. Can I apply for that myself or do I need to use an attorney?
No expungement in Alabama at this time.
I am in the military stationed in Germany. I got a DUI 16 months ago by the German police. I was turned over to the MP. The whole matter was handled administratively (GOMOR and RFC evaluation). The military licensing authority (PMO) in Germany reported the incident to Alabama (where my stateside DL is issued) and now it shows up as "Activity - Citation, Conviction Date-XX-XX-2013, Description- DUI Liquors" on my driving record. Additionally, my AL license shows suspended and it is my understanding that I must pay reinstatement fee to get that lifted. There was never a conviction, NJP or other type of hearing. Does this sound right? Can I get the entry removed from my Alabama D/L record?
If you agreed to any proposed deal, that likely is where the conviction arises. Check with your JAG officer to explain...