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As a resident of NC around the Charlotte area in Cabarrus County, I know if am convicted of DUI and issued a "paper license" after my real license is taken away for one year, I will only have access to drive during certain hours and only for work and school for one year. I have a few questions. 1. What are the hours/days of the week I will be able to drive? 2. Will I be able to leave the state/country if I'm on a 12 month unsupervised probation? 3. Most importantly, can I drive for any other reasons beside work and school during the day? (i.e. errands, mall, movie, etc) I take care of my mom and was hoping I could run errands for her but I wasn't sure how specific/general the "driving to work and school only" really was? Any extra input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!
A lot depends on whether the result of the breath or blood test was under a .15. If so, then normal hours are 6AM-8PM...
Licensed suspended in July 2013 per DWI conviction. License can be reinstated in July 2014. Looking to move to SC for a job in Winter/Spring 2015. Will I have to get SR 22 to have a license in SC, even though it wasn't required in NC?
Need to ask SC attorney. What county? More than willing to provide referral if able.
Received a DUI in CA and was convicted with a .2 BAC. Judge did not order an Ignition interlock and is not part of my Minute Order once I got my license back. I moved to a new state (judge approved) and will be applying for my license once my DUI classes are complete (again, change of classes to new state were judge approved). Will my new state's DMV uphold the CA ruling?
You have to comply with CA to get your license reinstated before you can get your license here in NC. DMV in NC may...
I was convicted of dui back in 2009 prior to this I got a job and moved to NYC there was no need to have a license there nor could i afford to have a car at the time I am looking to my options to move back to NC and searching about what it would take to get my license back. The NCDMV says i need a form 508 and that i need to have a year of ignition interlock ... I do not own a car to have this installed in?? Prior to my conviction i had gone to have an assessment but they say they have no record of it. So i have to have another assessment and buy a car and get insurance to sit around for a year with an ignition interlock even if I have no need for a car currently ... my main goal would be to rent a car if i need to travel.
You must have blown .15 or above. This will require 12 months of interlock no matter when you decide to get your...
I got cited for for driving 65 miles in 45 miles zone and with an expired tag. I currently have DUI on my record for the past year. Please let me know what I should do?
It makes sense to speak to experienced legal counsel without delay. Driving while impaired cases are notoriously...
I got an underage DUI at the age of 17, I was told that I couldn't use a prayer for judgement on that. While on probation still, I recently got an underage drinking ticket would it be possible to use the prayer for judgement on that?
You may not have to burn your prayer for judgment. Talk to a criminal defense attorney to see what sort of deal he can...
December of this passed year I got an underage DUI, lost my license for a year, had 24 hours community service and the alcohol classes. Last night I got a drinking ticket, while on probation. I'm 18. What should I expect?
Never 'expect' jail time. But, you need to hire an attorney. The underage drinking ticket does not put you at risk for...