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Just seeking a little bit of clarification between the two.
Zero tolerance has a stiffer penalty for license sanctions.
I have driven with the monitor for over the year as required by MI but the waiting time for a hearing is almost 2 months and I don't plan on returning to MI
A Georgia attorney may be best qualified to answer this. However, each state honors the license restrictions of other...
My daughter was convicted of impaired driving and was given a tether and house arrest for 7mo, she had to under go drug and alcohol test once a mo, plus treatments at treatment centers. She had her sentencing Friday, and was ordered to 20 days in jail and 18 mo probation and a whole array of other requirements she has been ordered to do. She has followed all the guidelines set forth and is very remorseful. I feel this judge is being very extreme and is using her as an example. I would like to request a new judge if possible. Our attorney only offered to appeal case. Kinda of lost here. Any help would be appreciated .
Your attorney has suggested you best course of action. You can try a motion for reconsideration, but with what little...
I was convicted of "use of marijuana" and ended up getting my license suspended for 6 month. I got my restricted license and passed my drug test. I quit smoking almost 7 months ago for the case even though I have my medical marijuana card. I am wondering if the court will drug test me at the end of my 6 month license suspension or if the will just have me pay my fines and send me on my way. I don't have any kind of probation just the license suspension.
Drug testing is typically a condition of probation; you stated that you are not on probation. If that is the case it...
He has priors in Louisiana and don't know if this is his third or if he had three. Not sure by what he is charged with. (My brother). Under statute 49.009(b)
Is this a Michigan case or a Texas case? If it is a Texas case then you need to repost as a Texas residence so you get...
Im currently on probabtion for a 2nd offense dui and had got pulled over recently with a very small amount of crack cocain the officer cuffed me didnt read me my rights or give me a ticket and never told me what i was being charged with. I spent 68hrs in the city jail and when i was released the officer said " you are being released on a PFI." Also said "call in about a week so this dosnt bite you in the ass." What does that mean and how bad will that affect my probation? because ive already paid my fine and did tether and jail time for my 2nd offense dui case along with AA meetings and some other stuff i was orderd to do. My counselor is putting me in rehab also. Will that help with anything?
PFI is pending further investigation, and it is likely that you will be charged with possession for the crack. This...
Myself and 2 of my buddies live together. I was sleeping and I normally allow my roomate to drive my car every now and then- like once or twice a month. Well a few days ago my rooomate took my car and apparently went drinking with his buddy. Since my roomate was really drunk he let his buddy drive (my car of course) who apparently was also drunk (barely over the legal limit) and he rear ended another car. Will my insurance company pay for the damage to my car which will likely be in the $3000 range and if the other party that was hit (apparently not hurt) can they sue me for damages to their car or any possible injury and if so would my insurance cover it? Once again, I never gave this guy I barely even know permission to drive my car.
If you have collision coverage, your car should be covered for the damage. You may have to pay a deductible though....