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  • Chad Heins, exonerated in Mayport murder, pleads gui...

    12 hrs ago | via The Florida Times-Union 

    A Jacksonville man exonerated after nearly 14 years in prison in the Mayport murder of his sister-in-law is facing a return after pleading guilty this week in a $6.8 million federal tax fraud case, the U.S. Attorney's Office said. Chad Heins, 40, was indicted last year along with five other people on charges of conspiracy to defraud the government, theft of public money and aiding and abetting the theft of public money.


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  • Vehicle theft suspect argues - Grand Theft Auto' def...

    Thursday Mar 19 | via WWLP 

    The attorney for a Hamblen County man arrested over the weekend in Dandridge for several vehicle thefts and arson asked for a mental evaluation for his client Thursday morning saying he had been awake for 12 straight days and was trying to experience the video game "Grand Theft Auto" in real life. Joshua Cooper, 27, appeared in court Thursday morning for a preliminary hearing where public defender Russell Veldman claimed his client had been awake for 12 days prior to the weekend's incidents and asked for the hearing to be reset so Cooper could undergo a mental evaluation.


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  • Suspect arrested after wild 4-day Tennessee crime spree

    Monday Mar 16 | via New York Daily News 

    Joshua Wayne Cooper, 27, is seen after being taken into custody late Sunday night, concluding what authorities say was a multi-county crime spree that began early Thursday morning in east Tennessee. A wild multi-county crime spree involving stolen cars, arson and high-speed chases in east Tennessee has ended after a slippery suspect's second arrest - and at least fourth car crash - over the course of four days.


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  • Master Watercolorist Alan Shuptrine Is Offering Wate...

    Thursday Mar 5 | via 

    Alan Shuptrine, watercolorist and owner of Shuptrine's, is offering a watercolor workshop on Thursday, April 23 from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. The workshop will be held at the gallery, located at 2646 Broad St. Participants will learn to paint with watercolors in realism using wet-in-wet technique for the background, and detailed dry brush in the foreground.


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Morristown Law

I was charged with speeding, DUI, No DL, ILU, IC, RA, FE, FRE but I pled guilty to DUI, No DL, Evading, can I be pardoned?
This happened in 2012, I want to know if under Tennessee Code Annotaded 40-32-101 (g)(1)(A) as amended effective July 1st 2012. can the DUI be expunged under " (xiv) 55-10-401 Driving under the influence of an intoxicant" and/ or can I appeal for a pardon for of my charges?
Dui offenses cant be expunged from your record and you cant appeal a conviction if thirty days has elapsed from your...
I was charge with dui. But my blood test came back neg for everything. now they want to charge me with reckless driving.
but i was only charge with dui.
Hire a great DUI lawyer. Reckless driving is not a lessor included of driving under the influence. No alcohol and no...
My first dui no criminal background
Was pulled over and taking to get a blood test
What is your question?
Can my probation officer make me come off my perscibed medication including suboxin
i am currently facing capps a probation program in knoxville,tn and i am dissabled and on several perscibed medications including suboxin. they want to force me to come off the suboxin which is perscibed by a doctor and if i dont they will send me to jail. i just dont see how they can force me to come off a medication that is perscibed to me by a doctor
If you have a condition of probation that prohibits use of illicit drugs, typically there is an exception for properly...
I would like to try and get a drivers license in tennessee if I am able to
I lost my license in 2003 for life for my 4 th. dui and voluntarily surrendered it in 2011 per fldmv , I now live in tennessee and have not tried to get a drivers license yet for fear that florida might stop me from being able to get a drivers license again . I did all that florida would ask of a person that would be able to reinstate their license but paying for a reinstatment fee becouse florida did away with even hardship licenses for people in my place . first two dui's were in 85&86 didnt get another one till 98 then the last and finally one in 2003 .
You'll need to contact both a FL DUI lawyer and a TN DUI lawyer. There maybe a way to relinquish your DMV license from...
What penalties am I looking at for my DUI?
I got pulled over a few months ago and got arrested for a DUI and driving on revoked. I had recently taken xanax. The officer said I swerved, which I did. But I believe I swerved because I wasn't looking at the road at the time. I was driving by my sisters work to see if she was there so I could see her for a bit. Anyhow, the officer gave me a field sobriety test and I failed. At the time the pills had not taken effect yet, but I agreed to a blood test. why I don't know, I was under pressure and was kind of scared so I cooperated the best I could. My sentencing is tomorrow, what kind of penalties am I looking at? I had taken 4 xanax bars at the time if that helps
Depends on the coverall circumstances of the arrest. Call a local DUI lawyer for a free consultation.
Can I get a dui charge dropped or reduced in WV. I live in Kingsport, TN. I've been working in WV from out of town.
This is my first offense. I have 2 jobs that require a license. I can't afford to lose my license or even have this on my record. I have a wife 2 kids and my house is about to go into foreclosure amongst other financial issues. The last ticket I've had in the last 5 years was for speeding in the state of VA. The arresting officer pulled me over because I flicked my cigarette out the window. So that was his grounds and then he said I crossed the center line. I blew a < .15 per what my paperwork said which wasn't not disclosed to me at the scene. And then the sobriety test was conducted on a sloping uneven roadway on top of 5 to 10 mph winds which made it difficult to maintain balance with hands at side for both tests.
Unfortunately Tennessee lawyers cannot tell you much… If anything… about a West Virginia DUI. (With one exception)…...