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I need to find out the procedure on filing a motion on getting a hardship license in morgan county ind
how to file the motion and everything i need to file the motion
Go to (The National College for DUI Defense) for an DUI Attorney near you.Two Great DUI Lawyers in Indiana...
Can they send him to jail? Can they get in trouble for arresting him for DUI & then in their system say it was for something els
A family friend got arrested for a DUI (of drugs). Thepolice asked him what he was on and he said klonopin.which was true. They asked if they would find any other drugs in his system. He said yes. Majauwana and heroin. He had stopped those within the week. And knew they would show up in his system. They did. But his levels showed that he was not high on them at the time of the arrest. They took him to jail. And had him being arrested for invalid drivers license. They set bond. I went to get him and he was outside. I went in to pay it and they said all charges had been dropped and that he was good to go. Next day went to bmv and his license was fine. Valid. 16 hours in jail for nothing. Almost a year later he gets a letter in mail saying they are taking him to court.what should he expect?
Get him an attorney. Too many odd facts/variables to speculate on this forum.
How can I get my reinstatement fees waived after getting a dui?
I plead guilty other than dui my background is not bad
Your background has nothing to do with it. You have to be indigent. Consult with a traffic attorney to see whether you...
I have a 3rD DUI that is within 5 yeas of my second in Indiana. what could be the penalties and what could be the options?
2 previcious DUIS ALC level .15 higher charged with endangerment
If this happened in DeKalb you'll be doing executed time. Hire an attorney now to minimize the damage.
How can I be accepted in the DACA program if I have a DUI on my record?
I have a DUI and I want to apply for the DACA program, my DUI was 2 years ago, will the DACA program accept my application?
It is very unlikely that an applicant with a DUI will be approved for DACA, regardless of whether it was charged as a...
I got a dwi in Illinois in 2001
it was my first one I spent the night in jail and bonded out the next day I had a Arkansas driver license at the time sence I was from Arkansas a few months later the judge put me in cook county jail because my lawer did not show for court so I spent 7 days in jail an bonded out again I have done every thing they wanted an still cannot get my license renstated I did with Arkansas but not with Illinois they will not do it I filled out one of those out of state packets but it was diened
Contact an Ill traffic court attorney for advice and guidance.
What happens on your first offense/detain for a DUI or DWI? I have never been in trouble for this before!
I have never been in trouble for DUI, DWI, PI or anything like that before, issues with child support but never been in jail or any major trouble with the law sense I've been over 18.
I am not licensed in Indiana, but in California, where I am licensed, the answer to your question depends upon the...