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how to file the motion and everything i need to file the motion
Go to (The National College for DUI Defense) for an DUI Attorney near you.Two Great DUI Lawyers in Indiana...
A family friend got arrested for a DUI (of drugs). Thepolice asked him what he was on and he said klonopin.which was true. They asked if they would find any other drugs in his system. He said yes. Majauwana and heroin. He had stopped those within the week. And knew they would show up in his system. They did. But his levels showed that he was not high on them at the time of the arrest. They took him to jail. And had him being arrested for invalid drivers license. They set bond. I went to get him and he was outside. I went in to pay it and they said all charges had been dropped and that he was good to go. Next day went to bmv and his license was fine. Valid. 16 hours in jail for nothing. Almost a year later he gets a letter in mail saying they are taking him to court.what should he expect?
Get him an attorney. Too many odd facts/variables to speculate on this forum.
single vehicle accident Oct 2010 was charged with DUI (marijuana) Jan 2012 and had a DUI on April 2014. will the 5 years for the first one be Jan 2017? and the second one April 2019
Five years from conviction. So 5y from the most recent one. By the way, you shouldn't be planning out the timeline...
After being pulled over for speeding the officer suspected alcohol use so I was administered the basic field sobriety tests, including a portable breathalyzer. Upon the judgment of the officer, including the portable breathalyzer results, I was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving. At the county jail I was administered another breathalyzer test on a large machine by a certified chemical test operator, not the arresting officer. The machine failed to read my alcohol level and the paperwork says N/A as the concentration. From what I could gather the machine was malfunctioning. My questions: Can I be convicted of DUI on the field sobriety testing alone? Are the inconclusive test results at the jail on the official machine enough to account for reasonable doubt in court?
You can be convicted based upon the field sobriety and roadside observations alone. You need to contact a local DWI...
On the 9 panel drug screen I have prescriptions for two that I test positive for. I do not know how I could test positive for a barbiturate . I only take medication for my lupus , and my fracture tail bone. Could that be s false test results . The police kept my prescription bottle even with my name on it. They said it was for evidence purposes. I am getting a print out from my phatmacy on all my meds I take
Dear Friend, It is not clear what is your question. As to false test results, that depends on a varied number of factors.
I spent the evening at one bar that i have frequented in Indiana and had several drinks. The bartender was my "friend" (even outside of her work) I had asked her to not let me leave if i seemed drunk and to call someone for me. She said ok that's not a problem. Well needless to say she did not do that and kept serving me several drinks and shots. I left the bar and 7 minutes later i hit a telephone pole and then hit a tree, totaling the vehicle, causing injury to myself and also getting a O.W.I above 0.15% No one else was involved in the wreck.
The bar could be liable if they continued to serve you alcohol when they knew that you were extremely intoxicated. I...
A couple of months ago I was hit by a drunk driver at a red light. The driver was at twice the legal limit and has a prior drunk driving conviction, so I think it might be worth trying to get punitive damages against them at trial or at least to bring it up when the insurance company offers me a compensation package. I feel like I'm leaving money on the table if I don't bring it up, but I doubt they have enough assets to pay that on their own, and I don't know if the insurance company has to cover all their insured's liability or just the compensation part. Thank you for any help clearing this up.
Every insurance policy I have ever seen excludes punitive damages from coverage. Moreover, there is case law stating...