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Simply put: I went to court had my trial but the misdemeanor is put on the persons record at the DMV. He has contacted me and I want to clear this innocent person.
Call the DMV in Sacramento (that's the main office) and give them the details of your case.
I had a California Driver's License but the police took it following my DUI. They issued me a pink 30 day temporary license paper. My birthday is coming up and my original California Driver's License is set to expire on that date. We are still waiting on discovery and the next scheduled hearing is set for after my birthday. Will the DMV issue me a temporary license extension if my original expires? The DMV field office would not let me renew my original license. They said my pink temporary license is my only license at this point.
You need to renew your license before it expires and it would appear that the old temporary will continue to be valid....
I was very intoxicated and the passenger in my friend's truck when he struck another vehicle. He hopped out but the vehicle kept moving. I pulled on the E brake from the passenger's side just to stop the truck from going any further down this slanted street. The officers that came to the scene arrested both of us for DUI but I don't understand how I am being charged. The keys weren't in the ignition when I pulled the brake. This is ruining my class A license. Do I have a chance to fight this? No priors, and this happened in March. I called the DMV and they confirmed my license has been suspended since April.. Also, can I take this to court before my scheduled court date, because I want to get this all squared away before August. (CALIFORNIA)
You are being charged because the officers didn't know who to charge if your "friend" didnt admit to driving or if he...
Pulled over in a checkpoint, because the officer smelled marijuana in the car, passed the field sobriety test and 0% alcohol found, blood test revealed marijuana charged with DUI/drugs, plead non-guilty currently have a public defender, who wanted me to plea down, concerned they may not have my best interest I am a full time student will graduate in three months should I have family help me pay for a private attorney
Plea down to what? If you have questions then contact your attorney. If you still have questions contact other...
So my brother got arrested yesterday for DUI, he had been home drinking a bit here with the family and my other brother asked for a ride to get dropped at his friends. On his way back this CHP stopped him he got to pull up a bit on the drive way, CHP throws his light and says, " Don't move." Long story short my brother was tested twice with the breathalyzer. I asked the CHP what was the result he gave me the run a round and said," I am taking him for DUI and he will get a chemical test." I asked him again ," okay but what are the results." He said ," I am attaching results on the report." So I didn't get an answer. Well my brother is out he said the CHP who arrested him took him down the street to meet up with his partner . His partner did another breathalyzer test ends up that the
First, he needs to get an attorney, fast. Second, he needs to make sure he contacts the DMV and sets up the...
I was involved in a car accident yesterday . I was handcuffed , and put into the back of the police car . They took me to the station and gave me a Breathalyzer test . I blew a 0 . 04 . I am over 21 and I thought I could just walk , however , they officer asked if I could leave . The officer said they needed to draw my blood . Without knowing I could say no , I said okay . He then wrote me a citation for a DUI . Did I receive a DUI ? How can i get my blood test results back ? Should I contact a lawyer ? Am I supposed to contact the DV even if I blew a 0 . 04 ?
You absolutely need to contact and hire a lawyer. Although the DMV will not suspend your license initially, the...
I am going to nursing school and to get a job as an RN you cant have a DUI on your record. Since I was 17 when I got it, is there anyway it can be sealed?
Can be sealed get an attorney in your area the problem however will be your driving record which would show a alcohol...