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Hello, i received a letter from CHP. 53150. Do i have pay for it now or after my court at May 5?
What kind of legal action if i did not pay it. Since no one is injured at the accident.
For drunk driving incidents, under California Government Code section 53150, the drunk driver can be responsible for...
Where can I find the form to request the Superior Court to review the DMV Hearing for DUI? Writ of Admin Mandate?
I searched the Internet and Superior Court of Riv website for hours. Can't find the form. Only found one for Orange County & SD. Please help. I can't afford an attorney-single mom, employee and student. I lost the DMV hearing, got 1 yr suspension for refusal BUT the COURT dropped to Wet Reckless and dropped the refusal.
I do not think there is a such a form. I just draft up the writ from scratch. Hire an attorney to prepare it for you.
I got arrested for DUI because i was involved into an accident,
no one is injured and the CHP took my license away and gave me a 30 days temporary license, now the dmv sent me another one, and it is good until May 15th, as my court hearing is May 5th. Can i purchase a car with temporary license only to the dealer? or what would you recommend.
I think you can purchase a car with a temporary license. I think you can buy a car with no license....just cant drive it.
Beating driving on a suspended licence charge after dui suspension
According to the Constitution, we as a free people are not required to be licensed to drive an "automobile" as long as it is not used for business purposes, which would then be considered a "motor vehicle". If, after my license has been suspended for a year because of a dui charge, do I legally have to provide a license to an officer if I have been pulled over for a traffic stop? Also, can I legally use this as as a defense if I were to be arreseted. It is clearly stated in the US constitution that a license is not required, so presumably this should hold up in court correct?
Your proposed defense to driving without a license and/or driving on a suspended license will not fly in any court of...
Just found out someone is using my name when getting pulled over. Now I have to go to court in AZ for weed. and dui 2003,
just found out that I have a DUI from 2003 and other what do I do to have my name and record clear.someone using my name how do i go about found out if anything else.
You should get a live scan. Google live scan in your area, there will be a place near you, it will give you everything...
Just got a letter that i have to go to court for weed and that i also have a dui from 2003 someone using my name how clear recor
the weed is in AZ that I have to go to court on the 19 Nov that all still looking into just is all news to me. what can I can to clear my record and I'm I going to need a lawyer
If you hire an attorney you May not have to go out there. Call an attorney near the court that has your case even if...
Will the DMV issue a temporary license extension while waiting for DMV hearing for DUI.
I had a California Driver's License but the police took it following my DUI. They issued me a pink 30 day temporary license paper. My birthday is coming up and my original California Driver's License is set to expire on that date. We are still waiting on discovery and the next scheduled hearing is set for after my birthday. Will the DMV issue me a temporary license extension if my original expires? The DMV field office would not let me renew my original license. They said my pink temporary license is my only license at this point.
You need to renew your license before it expires and it would appear that the old temporary will continue to be valid....