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I was charged with breaking and entering. I was drunk and walked into my neighbors house by accident. can i still be charged?
The neighbors did not want to press charges but I ended up in jail and had to be bonded out anyway. Is this legal for the cops to do?
Is it legal for the cops to do this? Yes. Can you be charged? Yes. Can you be convicted? Maybe. It depends on the...
I have an ignition interlock device on my vehicle and just received a speeding ticket for 69 in a 55.
what will this do to my driving privilege? i have not had any violations in over 16 years
The purpose of the ignition interlock is to ensure the driver is not consuming alcohol while operating the vehicle....
I have dui in s.c. if I move to ga will I still have that dui restriction on my new ga license
I have a valid s.c. license but with a dui restriction
Yes. There is an interstate compact act whereby traffic offenses transfer from one state to another. You can't run...
I was stopped for speeding and there was an open can of beer in the car I refused the breathalyser. should I claim not guilty?
Should i say not guilty to DUI but guilty for speeding?
You should talk to an experienced DWI attorney and let them make those determinations. There's too much at stake to go...
Do i still need a blow and go
I am revoked with the chance for a hearing for reinstatement I'm told I still need the in car breathing unit for 7 years is this correct
I am assuming you are talking about having the interlock system installed on your vehicle. Without knowing more I...
I was arrested for a DUI and was not actually driving. Is this legal?
I drove my car into a ditch in my neighborhood earlier in the evening. After drinking at home, I went to a neighbors house and asked them to help me pull my car out. They successfully did and my neighbor drove my car back into my garage. I never actually drove the vehicle after being drunk. When my neighbor dropped me off at my house the state police showed up and arrested me. Can you be arrested for DUI in this case when I was not even driving??? Is that legal?
Yes, you can be arrested and charged with DUI under these circumstances. Do you have any witnesses to the fact you...
How long does it take to bring a DWI to trial because of lab works in north Carolina.
i was a marine i suffered a traumatic brain injury in Sept 2007. on Nov 15, 2008 i was issued a DWI for driving on medication i blew a .05 on the breathalyzer. all charges were dropped by the marines because there were no restrictions with the medication to drink nor operating machinery while on it. they took lab works. i was wondering how long the state has to bring a case to trial? It's been almost a year now, the DA still states they are not ready. is there a cut off point where they drop the case because they are taking too long?
There is no hard and fast deadline. There are two major issues: (1) Constitutional speedy trial issues, and (2) the...