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my license was revoked for 1 year. i was able to reapply 5/12 but i could not at the time. New law regarding multiple DUI's in effect 09/12. here is a link to the basic outlines of law
An interesting question. My advice is to apply (if you are now able) and see what action DMV takes on your...
The officer also gave me a ticket for no insurance and I do have insurance. It comes out of my bank every month.
A first time dui with a high breath carries additional penalties in Florida but usually no jail, depnding upon other...
I had a DWAI conviction in 2008 and just (2013) received a failure to submit to a chemical test. I will be accepting a DWI charge. My understanding is if I have had a conditional lic in the past 5 years I can not get one following this charge. However, I have pulled my MVR and it only shows a hardship lic was issued and then my lic was fully restored after guilty plea to the first ticket. in 2008. Would my MVR show if a conditional lic was issued and because it does not am I eligible for one now?
If you refused a chemical test in 2013 and the administrative law judge makes that ruling at the refusal hearing, you...
I was pulled over by an officer for a traffic infraction. The officer did not tell me why I was being pulled over but requested my lic and reg. He then told me I had to "blow" still not indicating why I was stopped. I refused. The officer removed me from my vehicle and cuffed me. As second car arrived with two officers. The three officers "inventoried" my car for impound and then I was brought to the police station. I have an attorney and a plea from the ADA but it is based on the second officers statement that was not on the scene and is given written testimony from the first officer. How can this be allowed? I was not told why I was pulled over until after I was arrested.
there is nothing unusual about this.
the office claimed to have received a call from a third party driver who stated I was going in the opposite direction from which I was actually traveling. I was pulled over, asked to "blow" and subsequently received a dwi for refusal. There is no video evidence from the police vehicle or the police station to defend myself with.
It might be relevent to whether the police officer had probable cause to pull you over. Don't be surprised if the...
i applied for a job with the postal service and everything was a go untill they seen i had a suspension listed on my abstract,the suspension was taken care of two years ago and was for something very minor however for the postal service it needs to be five years old.
Suspensions are cleared through DMV by the court that suspended your license, except where the suspension is cleared...
I have to take a plea bargain on a 9 yrs old DUI in NY state. The judge wants me to do a year in lock up. If They don't get me on the DUI they will get me for bail jumping as I never knew there was a warrant out till just weeks ago. I am fully employed and have been for almost 7 yrs at the same place. I got my license back and have had not even a parking ticket for offenses after 4 yrs of driving and no other offenses and this judge wants me to do a year. I have two kids, we own two houses, I run a business outside of work and am engaged and my fiance is devastated by this. My layers are pretty good but does any lawyer from New York state have any thoughts? Is this judge just crazy? Can anybody HELP?!!
This is not the forum to seek the help you need. The best anyone can tell you here is that you need the assistance of...