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  • Northwest D.C. man sentenced in Bloomingdale double-...

    Monday Jan 5 | via The Washington Post 

    A Northwest D.C. man was sentenced to 36 years in prison Monday for the fatal shootings in July of two Maryland men in the Bloomingdale neighborhood. Jimmie Fleming, 36, pleaded guilty in September to two counts of voluntary manslaughter while armed in the July 13 fatal shootings of Donchell Thomas, 21, of Montgomery Village and Derek Price, 20 of District Heights.


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  • D.C. Man Gets 36 Years in Triple Shooting that Kille...

    Monday Jan 5 | via CBS Local 

    Our opinions are unbiased and unfiltered, and we never hold back. But the most important voice in D.C. sports is yoursa that's why our phone [...] All News 99.1 WNEW Latest News Headlines Click Here News Tips 301-902-1380 Questions/Comments - Radio & Web Listen To WNEW Stream 99.1 FM Audio on Demand Special Programming Connect with WNEW Twitter: @WNEW WNEW 'On the [...] CBS Sports Radio 1580 CONNECT WITH CBS SPORTS RADIO Listen Live Click Here Latest Sports News & Blogs Click Here Follow The CBS Sports Radio Twitter: @CBSSportsRadio Contact Studio: 1-855-212-4CBS Email: Address 4200 Parliament Place Lanham, MD [...] Prosecutors say 36-year-old Jimmie Fleming was sentenced Monday in D.C. Superior Court.


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Montgomery Village Law

I have had two DUI in the last two years a 3 months suspension and currently on probation
This is a question for an immigration/citizenship attorney.
I was arrested for a DUI last week. I already spoke with an attorney and he has told me that with a PA license, only my Maryland driving privileges will be revoked. I spoke to numerous others who have told me the same thing. Is this true? Also - if I am planning to move back to PA, can I complete alcohol outpatient treatment there? My lawyer has had me start treatment pro actively before my court date in order to show remorse to judge. This is my first DUI offense and I want to make sure to get a PBJ.
The officer was correct in not taking your PA license. You can receive treatment in PA and the MD court should...
Two DUIs back-to-back tried, got PBJ for them 2 yrs ago + alcohol program. I got arrested for another DUI this year which also includes reckless/negligent driving, DWI, speeding over the limit. My question is if I am convicted, will this current DUI count as my 3rd offense or 2nd offense? Will I also have to serve jail time? My license is already suspended.
You need to consult with an attorney to advise you and help you through this process. I have had success with clients...
I got a dui in montegoremy county md. The arresting officer took my license at the time and I requested a hearing. It's coming up in November but I have no idea what to bring with me or what to expect. This is my first time having any type violation with my license. I couldn't afford the lawyers I spoke with about my dui case so I don't think I'll be able to afford one for my Mva hearing. However, I really want to be prepared to put my best foot forward because my job requires I drive to different locations through out the week, I have a young child I take to daycare plus extracurricular activities, and I go to alcohol treatment classes for my dui. So if I have to represent myself, what are some things that will help me to at least get a restriction on my license rather then a suspension?
You "spoke to"... Did you MEET with anyone? I am assuming not. You have to be willing to undertake some effort to...
its my first DUI case I have no money as I just lost my job. The car I hit was parked I have 2 witnesses to my case I would like to get another court date but don't have money for bail. Its been a month since my court date.
You can have a lawyer file a motion asking to lift the warrant. But a public defender will not do this for you, you...
I got a DUI and my license was suspended in West Virginia and in order to get my license back here, in Maryland, it needs to be reinstated in WV. I was told that if I wanted to get around putting an Interlock device in my car, I could request "incapable status". As someone who lives out of state, I am unfamiliar with the procedure and if possible I would like input as far as what should go in the letter to request incapable status. I need to be able to drive to get to and from work and I would definitely not be able to afford an Interlock device. I've attended drug and alcohol classes since the DUI and I obviously do not plan on drinking and driving ever again.
You need to consult and meet with an experienced DUI defense attorney in WV. They would be able to file the necessary...
Last night I was arrested for a DUI (.09) after going to a show in Gaithersburg, MD. Before the night was over, I gave my friend the car keys; I opted to sleep it off. Additionally, I wanted to protect myself further by disconnecting my battery, which I did. Do you feel there is any chance I could get this dismissed? Or should I take a shot at trial? Please let me know your thoughts, as I am absolutely terrified! Thank you!
You should not write or speak in public fora about what you did or did not do, because your statements may be used as...