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Can I fly throughout the USA with it still on my record?
There's absolutely no restriction on your right to freely move throughout the United States. Freedom of movement is...
I was pulled over for a headlight, was sober but cops smelled marijuana on just my jacket. searched car, didn't find anything and while waiting for a female personal to search my person randomly started asking questions about alcohol. I stated multiple times that I had nothing to drink but they arrested me and at the station, I initially refused the test because I didn't understand how I failed the SFST than less than 2 mins changed my mind but the officer said because I signed the form I couldn't change my mind. They then charged me with everything under the DUI/DWI "bracket" (about 6 charges) saying he had to because I refused.
Refusing to take a breath test carries Motor Vehicle Administrative Penalties, and is admissible by the State in Court....
Since 2010, I was given a Driver's License by the MVA with a restricted condition "U", that states: "Not Acceptable For Federal Purposes" because my immigration status expired. I have a court date in 3 weeks and was wondering if I will even be let in in the courthouse. What should I do? Thank you.
You do not need identification to enter the courthouse and will be allowed in.
I got arrested a 2 weeks ago for a dui and picked up a 2nd degree assault, resisting arrest, intoxicated, disorderly conduct. We bought plane tickets with my wife and our2 girls back in febuaury to go to Los Angeles ca and visit family and take the kids to disney. What are the chances of either granting permission or denying?
It depends on the conditions of your release. Usually there are no travel restrictions as long as you show up on your...
I moved to MD in Sep. 2010. In Oct. 2010 I was arrested for a DUI on my out of state license. I was subsequently arrested for a 2nd DUI in Dec. 2010 on the same out of state license (Bad couple months). I went to court and plead guilty in May 2011. I successfully completed my terms of probation and was let off probation in Nov 2012, and have not had any legal issues since that second arrest in Dec 2010. One of the terms of my probation was to have the ignition interlock installed during the course of my probation if driving (which I didn't drive-therefore did not have one installed). I am now trying to get my MD license, and pulled my MD driving record based on my soundex number. On there it lists a restriction for the ignition interlock "indefinitely." Is the interlock still required?
You need to bring the terms and conditions of probation to an attorney to see exactly what the judge said about the...
I need to travel to South Carolina to see my Dad
As far as I know, there are no rental agencies that will rent to a driver with a temporary license issued as a result...
MVA Interlock notice sent weeks after court says - "failure to comply will result in a suspension of your driver's license". For 0.15 bac is there any "voluntary" license suspension request/alternative (however long), instead of the assigned 6 month Interlock program? Thanks!
I assume that you were convicted of driving under the influence. You could request an MVA hearing, but if you have had...