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I was going to work(2 lane highway) and the power steering went out,lights off/ on,etc.on my car.i pulled over ASAP on a side road.I was already pulled over,calling my husband.He was telling me it was probably the alternator& get it towed home when a county cop pulled in behind me.He asked what was going on,I told him.He said that somebody had called me in as an impaired driver.I then gave him permission to search my car.By then another deputy had arrived.Of course,nothing illegal in vehicle.The 1st cop then gave me a field sobriety test,I passed all but 1 (the stand on 1 leg thing & before I did it I told him wld flunk bc Im clumsy) Blood work done at hospital,told them Xanax&Methadone wld be there & have RX.I was arrested for OVWI anyway.
You can certainly be charged with driving under the influence of drugs, including prescription drugs, even if they were...
I totaled my dads car and was taken to hospital for treatment of injuries I am wanting to take care of this when I come on the 6th of Dec. If I can
what you can expect it to be treated no more differently than if you still lived in IL. I am sure the would give you a...
The beginning of this month, I got pulled over, the cop told us to get out of the car so we got out, they ran the drug dog in and around my car. We had been drinking, I blew a .043. They threw all of our straws on the ground and sent us on our way. Two days ago, I received papers saying that I have to go to court because I am being charged with public intoxication. I do not understand...
There may be potential service issues and notice requirements regarding these allegations against. In NC, where I...
I was on a moped and drinking i called for a ride because i knew i was to drunk to drive and waited beside of road. I placed keys in cargo tank and waited needless to say cops got there befor the ride
Yes, you can be charged with both offenses provided the facts support the charge(s).
For example this cop who is a DUI enforcer himself gets a way with a DUI. While a person like myself who isn't in the car, who has his keys in his pocket and is far away from the car gets his first DUI. Just not sure how the justice system is working here. Here's the story about the cop and his DUI: Prior to my arrest I had a perfect driving record (12 years of driving at the time). I don't expect any answers to this question. I'm just stating the truth that cops themselves can get away with crimes that normal people would be arrested for.
The quality of your lawyer helps. Some of us are at 100% success on these kinds of cases
I have a clean driving record for the last 16 years but prior to that its horrible DWI and suspensions 3 and 4 but when you pull up the driving record they are displayed twice for the same offenses it looks like I'm a driving criminal and I made 4 mistakes and I have been clean for over 16 years, how can I fix this please help I may need to change my Identity legally, I am having problems getting a job the driving record is hurting me and I does not reflect the last 16 years more like my first 10 years of driving, what can I do please help.
Is it driving record or criminal record that is causing the problem? Usually the drivers record contains information...
DUI in Indiana with Michigan license. Court ordered license suspension. Checked with MI SOS and driving status is still clear.
It's impossible to say how long it will for Michigan to be notified. Yes, Michigan can do its own thing regarding the...