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Does a DUI program need proof that a participant is under the influence prior to expelling them? Can one demand a chemical test?
The answer is pretty simple: 1) yes, a DUI can expell someone who's under the influence and 2) you can protect yourself...
This is Monterey County (Salinas). The judge gave me a date of 11/29, but I'm wondering if I can show up six days early. I called the jail and they said "you can try." It's a 5-hour drive for me, so I don't really want to show up if they won't take me. Can you surrender on a Saturday? The original date is a Friday at 6PM.
If you have an attorney, discuss this with him/her. If you do not, call the jail a day or two before and see what they...
I have a 6 year suspended sentence for residential burglary in California. Per our agreement, I was to complete the Delancey Street Foundation. I left, and and am now on the run. My conditional release from custody was in August 2013. Basically, how long will it take for the authorities to stop looking for me? Will it ever go away? Thank you.
Bench warrants do not expire. If you are stopped by the police and your name is run, the warrant will most likely show...
My husband has a misdemeanor DUI/refusal case, first time. He runs his own business (no excuse) and didn't complete the 80 hours of community service in time, after two extensions (we live out of town, so by the time we got the short extensions he had already lost a week). Anyway, his latest request was just rejected, and he has a surrender date of 11/29. Our questions are: 1) Can we put in a sentence modification request asking to move his surrender date to 12/21 (only 3 weeks later)? The requests take 3-4 weeks to process, so would a warrant be issued if he doesn't show up on 11/29? Or would the probation dept. know we had a request pending? 2) Can we ask the court to move his sentence here (to Los Angeles)? 3) Would it be worth retaining a lawyer at this point?
If your husband had an attorney when he entered his guilty plea or was convicted at trial, he should ask these...
First time DUI offense/refusal. I didn't complete my work alternative program hours in time after a second extension and now I've been given a jail surrender date to serve actual time (surrender date 11/29). The sentence is in Monterey, CA, and I live in Los Angeles. Is there any way to serve my time here instead of there (a 7 hour drive) or is it too late?
I think you've asked this question in two jurisdictions - and I just answered on the other one. Bottom line = not...
I have a DUI/refusal case and don't currently have an attorney (I had one but it's a long story). I failed to complete my work alternative program in time and now have a jail surrender date. Would it be worth paying an attorney to get the date moved back a few weeks, or would I be wasting my time/money? Thanks.
Did you already sort out your probation violation or is it pending? If that's done a lawyer can advance a case and ask...
I didn't complete my community service in time and I've been ordered to serve time for a DUI/refusal. First time offense. I believe I was sentenced to 15 days (with a credit for 2 served), leaving 13 days. My surrender date is Friday, 11/29 in Monterey County. Any idea how many days I'll actually serve? Also, can I turn myself in early? Thanks in advance.
You should contact a local criminal defense attorney. They will have an idea of the percentage of time that you will serve.