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Is it possible to get my license back before i go to court for a driving on a suspended (5th) one in 11 years
I finally finished my mop for my 2nd dui i got back in 2004 last week. 11Years later! and three weeks ago i got pulled over and cited out for driving on a suspended. Is there a chance dmv will let me get my license back before i go to court next month,even if i get it postponed?
I practice in California and your question is impossible to answer without knowing more facts. What is MOP? Minor in...
A tourist in America, arrested for DUI. I have a hearing coming up next month, however I am not in the US.
Do I call to postpawn or what are the risks of not attending? I don't want to get an attorney.
If you don't want to get an attorney, the court will issue a bench warrant for your arrest when you do not appear. You...
I was arrested for a DUI but did not intentionally or knowingly consume alcohol prior to driving. I had what I thought was orang
I was arrested for a DUI but did not intentionally or knowingly consume alcohol prior to driving. I had what I thought was orange juice that may have actually contained champagne. What do I do? What kind of evidence do I need to present in court? Do I need witnesses to testify that I did not know this? I was at work and a work event prior to the arrest, driving straight from work to home. I prefer not to involve my coworkers in this as it would impact my career.
You need to arrange a consultation with a criminal defense attorney. Many attorneys offer free consultations and you...
Punishment for 2nd Felony DUI & Probation Violation?
A friend of mine is currently incarcerated for his 4th DUI in 10 years, 2006, 2007, 2010, 2014. Technically, it is his 5th, but the first one falls outside the 10-year window (2002). The DUI he received in 2010 was a felony because it was his 4th in 10 years, which makes his most recent a felony as well. He was on probation for the 2010 violation (would have ended July 2015) as well. My question: how much time is he facing? He self-surrendered in November after being on bail for 2 weeks so he could start earning credit toward sentencing. His most recent did not involve injuries (none have, thank goodness). He is involved in an in-jail rehab program, receiving work credit, etc. I am just wondering what possible sentence might be and how probation violation effects it as well. Thank you.
A felony DUI is a wobbler in its penalty. It can be as little as 6 months jail and as much as 3 years state prison....
Do I need a lawyer prior to arraignment? Do I need to report to the medical board prior to conviction?
I drank about 4 standard drinks over 4 hours. I was found at a red light. I had briefly dozed off. I was travelling at 0 mph. I refused a breathalyzer and got my blood BAC about 30-45 minutes later. I am charged and arrested for a DUI 23152(a) in the middle of January. My first court date (arraignment) is in middle of March. I don't think my BAC is over 0.08. #) What are the advantages of getting a lawyer NOW vs. waiting until arraignment and asking for a continuance to get a lawyer IF the case is not dropped or my BAC is >0.08? #) I am a physician. Do I have a responsibility to report to the medical board of california prior to any conviction? I know I need to after conviction.
Each and every case is very fact specific. Yes, consult with several local criminal defense/DUI attorneys before the...
Would it be beneficial to retain a lawyer while dealing with my suspended driver's license? No DUI's but multiple Driving on S.L
My D.L was suspended about 5 years ago due to unpaid tickets in 3 bay area counties. I take responsibility for my inaction, however the tickets all came about from a DMV error. For a year & a half I was pulled over, almost weekly at one point, because my tags looked bad. Even though I always had all of my information in my car, I was issued a lot of tickets. I tried straightening it out myself, but something else always comes up. One county (San Francisco) requires a lump sum payment & wont let me pay it off. Its now blocking my efforts to find a job. Would having a lawyer help? Can a lawyer help with negotiating with a county for a payment plan? Or help with getting an Occupational DL? I can't seem to find a way to do so alone. Counties are Contra Costa, San Francisco & San Mateo.
Absolutely! Do a search for a local Traffic Ticket lawyer, or a DUI/Criminal lawyer. There is little doubt that a...
What will happen?
if someone had a dui with bodily injury to a child, put on probation and finished it, then got another dui a few days ago what will happen?
You don't give enough details. If the 1st DUI is a felony, which is likely, and the 2nd dui happened a few days after...