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Was arrested for DUI in Ill then transported to Ind. because was parole violation. Served 6 months there Now released what are the chances this would be refiled and I would be arrested again if I returned to Ill.
DUI was dismissed as I was transported to another state because the DUI was considered a parole violation. I served 6 months for this. Now not sure if I should come back to Ill if it was dismissed without prejudice
Dockets from many courts are online. Check the website of the Court.
I had 4 months left on an Ind. parole which I was serving in Ill. I got a DUI. One day before I was to go to court, Ind. came and got me as a parole violation. I served 6 months before Ill dismissed the DUI. I have been approved to be on parole back in Ill but if they refile the DUI and I am found guilty can Ind. get me again and make me serve 10 yrs of back up time??
In general, it is usually a standard term of probation and paroloe that you not commit any new criminal offenses. If...
I received my 2nd dui 3 1/2 years ago. I quit going to AA about 1.5 years ago, yet have remained sober. My question- if I'm not currently in AA, what are the odds of my license being restored?
The best thing for you to d would be to hire an attorney to take care of your license. Are you required to attend AA?
I got a dui with some issues on my license papers example; said that i refused to blow when i did blow. a time written in with a different color after the fact as well for my refusal time. they even gave me back my license said they took it.
There are two tests. The PBT that you can take at the roadside and the test at the station. If you refuse the second...
First offense for dui and first offense for driving on suspended
Fine, court costs imposed, loss of driving privilege, classroom study are all possible outcomes, and any combination...
During initial consult, my attorney promised review and copies of these DVDs for me after first appearance. After he sent me the police reports, he said it wasn't worth the effort and would charge me $500 to get them now. I believe my case centers on officers thinking I refused breathalyzer when I was questioning their cause. They recorded refusal, but the only proof is the DVDs. I am not able to obtain the DVDs on my own because they are in evidence, not yet public record. I have not pled yet. Pre-trial conference is approaching, and attorney is advising I plead guilty to OWI and refusal. If I admit refusal, the penalties are harsher and no possibility for deferred judgement. I would like to see the DVDs to see the facts for myself. Should my atty have gotten them?
As the client you have every right to see the videos before you entertain a plea. Talk with your attorney and tell...