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  • Defense Argues for Retrial in Chandra Levy Murder Case

    Wednesday Nov 12 | via 

    Lawyers for the man convicted of killing congressional intern Chandra Levy in 2001 requested a new trial Wednesday in D.C. Superior Court, claiming the conviction was obtained "through false evidence." Attorneys from the D.C. Public Defender Service representing 31-year-old Ingmar Guandique, who is serving a 60-year sentence for Levy's death, argued the defense convicted on false or misleading testimony given by his former cellmate Armando Morales.


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  • Hearing on new trial begins in Chandra Levy case

    Wednesday Nov 12 | via KLAS-TV Las Vegas 

    The National Transportation Safety Board says the pilot who survived the breakup of a Virgin Galactic spaceship was unaware his co-pilot had prematurely unlocked the craft's re-entry braking system, then was... The pilot of the Virgin Galactic spaceship that tore apart over the Mojave Desert didn't know his co-pilot had prematurely unlocked its brakes, though protocol for the test flight required the co-pilot to announce the... WASHINGTON - Lawyers for a man convicted of killing Washington intern Chandra Levy returned to court Wednesday as part of their pitch to a judge that he deserves a new trial because of what they say are problems with a key witness.


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I got a dui when I was 17. And it was .8 I pled guilty and the judge told me to go to dui classes. I can't afford it so I didn't go. And they issued a bench warrant. I went to court and the judge said to serve 10 days and do the glasses or do community service and the dui classes but I never went to neither of them because I did not have the money nore an id. Now I was stopped by law enforcement and went to jail for a day and let me out to tell me I have court a month later. What will the judge do ? I am now 22 and have not ever got a ffeloy.
Yes, if you fail to pay. However, you can set up a payment plan. Make sure you make timely payments or you will be in...
I was charged with DUI and my chemical test read .18 the officer let me contact a friend for a ride and didn't impound my vehicle.
On occasion, an officer will cut someone a break and let them go with a citation. Nothing changes in terms of penalties,...
On the night of July 4th 2014 my family and I were having a family bbq lighting fireworks , I understood that some of the fire works we possessed were in fact not legal.Due to that fact we attracted Modesto police . There were so many of us in the front yard /street including kids. I felt that I was singled out of the crowd and pulled to the side and then arrested for public intoxication. I was never breathalized or had blood drawn from me that night, but was sighted and released the next day. Now I have a court date in a county that I am not even from. I do not want to take any kind of charge and I am willing to fight it in any way. I did have a few beers and was not a threat to anyone or myself .
It really depends on a lot of factors but you may be able to do some type of diversion program to earn a dismissal. It...
Parked appropriately. Drunk driver in parking lot rolled his car and hit mine. Hit and run. Drunk lives in apartment building.
The only way apartment can be liable is if they were negligent. It's hard to tell based on your facts how the apartment...
I have a family member who is a 30yr old alcoholic. He lives at his parent's house and he and his father got into an argument when he was severely drunk. He hurt himself (cuts and scrapes) while going around the house in a drunken stupor. He might have possibly shoved his father while they were arguing. The police were called and he was told if he didn't calm down he would be taken in. Obviously, he didn't calm down and they were called again, so they took him. I'm wondering: what will happen to him and how long they are able to keep him?
it is hard to say. He should consult a local lawyer in Modesto area. It will depend on the nature of the charges, the...
So they found paraphernalia and of course I was under the influence of a controlled substance. They hadn't filed charges until now. Do I have any chance at beating this? And if so how much will itcost do I need a lawyer
yes you need a lawyer. Well the alcohol level is low the DMV will not take action to suspend your license at the moment....
I left the bar around 1:00am, shortly after pulling out a cop tailed me and pulled me over. He had me do field sobriety tests which resulted in me doing a breathalyzer. The first blow, I blew .10, we waited about 1 minute and blew again, I blew .06, we then proceeded several times. Each time the breathalyzer said I was sucking air back, after several tests he radioed in that his breathalyzer was down. Back up arrived about 10-15 minutes later, and used the new machine giving about the same reading. My question is, I blew .10 once on each machine, but never twice on the same machine. Is it mandatory to perform the operation twice on the same machine? And is this a case I could fight? Or should I just plead guilty?
If all of the facts you stated are accurate, there appears to be a valid legal issue as to whether any of the breath...