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I have a super clean record beforehand, and was pulled over for not having my headlights on at night. We were downtown where there are many lights on, and it was my husband's new car. There were lots of check points that night as it was St. Patrick's Day weekend. Bad luck, but I am hoping there is something I can do to end this nightmare and not lose my license...
I recommend you pay for a consultation with Christine McCall. Her Avvo profile is here:
Would I have to update my address if I move there? And renew my DACA once im living there too?
This is a good question for an immigration attorney to answer. I have changed the tags to add immigration law and...
So they found paraphernalia and of course I was under the influence of a controlled substance. They hadn't filed charges until now. Do I have any chance at beating this? And if so how much will itcost do I need a lawyer
yes you need a lawyer. Well the alcohol level is low the DMV will not take action to suspend your license at the moment....
I left the bar around 1:00am, shortly after pulling out a cop tailed me and pulled me over. He had me do field sobriety tests which resulted in me doing a breathalyzer. The first blow, I blew .10, we waited about 1 minute and blew again, I blew .06, we then proceeded several times. Each time the breathalyzer said I was sucking air back, after several tests he radioed in that his breathalyzer was down. Back up arrived about 10-15 minutes later, and used the new machine giving about the same reading. My question is, I blew .10 once on each machine, but never twice on the same machine. Is it mandatory to perform the operation twice on the same machine? And is this a case I could fight? Or should I just plead guilty?
If all of the facts you stated are accurate, there appears to be a valid legal issue as to whether any of the breath...
On the night of July 4th 2014 my family and I were having a family bbq lighting fireworks , I understood that some of the fire works we possessed were in fact not legal.Due to that fact we attracted Modesto police . There were so many of us in the front yard /street including kids. I felt that I was singled out of the crowd and pulled to the side and then arrested for public intoxication. I was never breathalized or had blood drawn from me that night, but was sighted and released the next day. Now I have a court date in a county that I am not even from. I do not want to take any kind of charge and I am willing to fight it in any way. I did have a few beers and was not a threat to anyone or myself .
It really depends on a lot of factors but you may be able to do some type of diversion program to earn a dismissal. It...
I got a DUI a while back that didn't seem right when I went to the hearing they said it was still under investigation when I went to the second hearing the judge had a letter from the DA asking for more time and he asked if it was ok with me and I said yes
Your situation is unclear. Hard to tell whether a case was filed, whether the "more time" was for more time to file or...
We have an immigration attorney and he said that my fiance has a chance of getting out while we fight for cancellation of removal. Is that true? And also how long can it take to fight for cancellation of removal? My fiance has been here since 2002. Went to school here. Came with permission, never went back. Works. Pays taxes. My sole source of income.
Your attorney would know best.