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I received first dui in jan 2014 and second in march 2014. I took blood test on both. the blood results came back to dmv for first dui and my license will be suspended for 90 days. paperwork says I can apply for restricted after 45 days. I go to court mid may for first and august for second. if dmv convicts me of a second dui can I apply for a restricted after 6 months? I already completed community service in advance before court date and dui school and impact panel class. will this look good in front of the judge since I have done in advance? I plan to attend aa classes and feed the homeless.
With two DUIs in such a short period of time you need to hire an experienced DUI attorney. If you want to find some in...
If I am convicted of first time or second time dui can I get these removed from my driving record before 7 years. Can I file a motion or appeal even if I take a plea on the second.
No. Because DUI is an enahceable offense you have to wait the statutory period of time of 7 years before you can...
I was arrested today due to me falling asleep behind the wheel. The officer administered a dui field test which he said I failed all 3 test. He arrested me and said I needed to take the breathalyzer. I refused to take the test so he issued a search warrant and was signed for by the judge to take blood. I took the blood test and stayed in Jail from approx. 3:25 am to noon today. The officer never took my license but the court date is may 21st. What steps should I take in resolving this issue? The paper work shows the wrong time for the blood test and wrong date, they took the test with a camcorder.
Big trouble ahead Hire counsel.
I received a DUI 3 months ago and did a blood test when I was in jail. I have not received my pink slip in the mail, so I don't know if my license is going to be suspended. I know other people who have received DUIs received their pink slip within 30-45 days, should I contact the dmv?
Speak to a NV DUI lawyer about it. Most will give you a free consultation to know exactly where to go from here.
I received my first dui . do I need to appear in court if I have a lawyer? I completed dui school, dui impact panel, 25 hours of community service before the scheduled court date. what most lekly will be my outcome. my dui reading is .14
Call a NV attorney for a consult. I applaud you for being so proactive.
Very poor so he moved here so i could look after him. If he Doesnt make it to his court date and gets pulled over will he be arrested and Will california extradite him?
If your father is so far along in his case that you can identify his potential jail sentence, I am assuming your father...
No accident involved , nor speeding my headlights were off that's why they stopped me . I had 0.9 alcohol percentage . I have never gotten in trouble with the law . I am an honor student 21 . Respectful and in an honor society this the first time that I have ever gotten in trouble . I spent 16 hrs detained . I would like to know if finding the right lawyer I could reduce my charges to reckless driving . I learned my lesson the hard way , I will never drink alcohol again never ! Is not worth it .
The legal limit for dui is .08 in Nevada. You should consult legal counsel as soon as possible to discuss your...