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I was involved in an accident while smoking synthetic marijuana. i did not receive ticket or arrested. I told the police i may have diabetes and i passes out. months later, i get a letter from florida highway patrol for my medical report that night and a new medical report from a physican because of diabetes. The medical report from that night says I was under the influence. If i dont send it, they will revoke my license. How long will this revoke last?
I recommend to consult an attorney in your area before doing anything about complying with the FHP request.
i was arrested for DUI on december 14, and I blew well over .08 i was charged with high blood alcohol and DUI. i did some reading on the internet and it says if they dont bring me to trial within 90 days than i can get teh charged dismissed? is that true, i have done nothing to waive the 90 days, i want to get this thing dismissed
Maybe. It's not automatic, and there are many sound tactical reasons to waive speedy trial. Your attorney must file...
The judge determined there was no probable cause to forcibly draw blood from me. But she concluded that even though I had head trauma and was in the E.R. , when the officer read the implied consent i was told I "nodded" to the draw. She denied the motion to suppress saying I gave consent by nodding. Can I still argue at trial that the blood obtained should not be a factor in determining the verdict? I may possibly have a new judge for the trial.
Your lawyer can argue anything that s/he is not expressly ordered not to argue - and the Judge's ruling is binding even...
After some beers I drove my car and I was stopped by police, because I was driving too slow. I did all that they asked me to do, My alcohol level was over 15. I went to jail for 8 hours, after that I paid $1500 bond. Is it better if I declare myself as NO guilty? Do I qualify as a "Reckless driving" situation, instead DUI? Which are the consequences? I'm also under a naturalization process, how may this situation affect this? What should I do?
None of us can tell you the risks and benefits of your case until we see all the evidence against you. Each case is...
I got arrested for hitting a pedestrian and leaving the scene of the accident with a DUI. I blew a 0.16 on the breathalizer. The pedestrian was only hit with my sideview mirror, other than that I don't remember hitting someone. The police report says witnesses saw my car and thats how they identified me and stopped me. This happened in Miami Beach. Could I get jail time for this? What am i really looking at? Also, will I be able to keep a hardship license for business purposes?
You need to post this in the criminal defense category, or the dui category to get answers from the right attys.
i look online and it say th inetlocker costs 100 to install and 70 a month, i am alraedy bing fined 1000 dollars, can i the judge put te fines toward my interoocker?
Probably not. The fines are separate from the interlock device and as a result the judge would basically be reducing...
one of the citations is for i guess regular dui, the other citation is for dui over .15. I read the punishments online, and I would rather be convicted of regular dui then dui over .15. I was not drunk, i was pulled over for speeding, addmitted to drinking 2 -3 beers at my shop, and did FSE's. I was scared while doing the FSE's and i didnt tumble over or anything. I then did the breathalzyer. Is it possible at trial that I can get a not guilty on the dui over .15 and a guilty on the regaulr dui? thank you
Possible but not likely. You do not get to choose the crime you are charged with. What you need to do is hire a private...