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Question about medical report dwi
I was involved in an accident while smoking synthetic marijuana. i did not receive ticket or arrested. I told the police i may have diabetes and i passes out. months later, i get a letter from florida highway patrol for my medical report that night and a new medical report from a physican because of diabetes. The medical report from that night says I was under the influence. If i dont send it, they will revoke my license. How long will this revoke last?
I recommend to consult an attorney in your area before doing anything about complying with the FHP request.
Wondering how much it will cost to hire a lawyer for a dui I got 5 years ago?
Got a dui, 5 years ago, haven't been in trouble since, moved to Dallas TX when I was charged for a dui, didn't complete probation, I wondering how much it will cost to hire a lawyer and get my licenses back?
Lawyers are like shopping for cars, they come in every price range! You will need to address not finishing probation...
One failed interlock test - will i get a violation?
I had drank the night before, and went to drive to a doctors appointment in the morning. When i blew into the device it said "lockout" and had a timer for 5 minutes. I was too scared that a second test would register as a fail, so i unplugged the device after 5 minutes and went back into home. Went to work several hours later and it worked fine, no alcohol detected. The manual said that 2 consecutive fails or two fails within a four hour period were violations, and i had neither of those. Will it get reported to the dmv? Probation? What will happen if it does? I have been doing well with my probation and interlock otherwise.
It depends on the requirements of your interlock. Here in Pasco, routinely Judge's do not make interlock as a condition...
Will it be difficult to get my boyfriends traveling rights restored?
He is a truck driver. But he violated probation back in November 2014. By not attending the classes he was supposed To take because he wasn't able to afford to pay for the classes anymore. He was recently arrested on Feb 22nd in West Memphis, Arkansas at a weight station because he had a Warrant for his arrest . He is now being extradited back to Florida. And I was wondering if he would still be able to drive out of Florida being that it is his job And that is how he would be able to pay for his fees.
This is what I call a "Mgic Eightball Question." Only an attorney who knows the State's case and all the defendant's...
If I got a dui in Kentucky can a Florida attorney represent me from my home state?
Military police found an empty can on passenger side while going back to the base. I refused to blow and let them know that I just gave a civilian a ride home in Tennessee were passengers are allowed to drink.I didn't realize that he stuck can under seat. I later summited to a blood alcohol test.I was prepared and willing tourniquet on arm when the person got a phone call and left without taking my blood. I was then let go from the Army under honorable conditions for disobeying a direct order to blow. Now back home to Florida and the military turned over the case to a civil court charging me with a DUI in Kentucky. Court date February 5th. I was a combat medic having still my EMT Paramedic license. I can't get a job on my field if I have a DUI! Help Please!!!!!
You will need an attorney that is licensed in the state of KY. There may be an attorney that lives in Florida and is...
Hey i'm on probation for a dui and have 1 month left. I have 50 community service hours to complete. Can i pay off my hours?
I work 2 jobs and no one is able to give me late night early morning hours. And i really don't want to take off work to do these hours. What would an attorney fee be to get this done?
Typically buying out your community service is something that is pre-negotiated with the prosecutor. It may be...
Dui in 2003 illinois.now there is warrant for miss ed court date can it be handled from florida???
Warrant issued failure to appear.now live in fl
You must contact an Illinois lawyer to answer your question, but I find it unlikely. The court will probably want your...