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Can I get charged with DUI after the fact
I was driving with my headlights off, got pulled over, cop ask for my license/registration, came back and asked where I was heading and then told me to have a good night. Can I be charged with dui after the fact if the cop didn't perform and tests and reveal that he thought I was drunk. Just trying to figure out if he gave me a break or wasn't suspicious at all. Needless to say I have learned my lesson and will never be putting myself in this kind of situation again.
Without any hard evidence (such as field sobriety tests, a breathalyzer, or drawn blood) it would be difficult but not...
How long can you continue a DUI court case in North Carolina? Is there a chance of the case being dismissed?
- DUI was reported in Pitt County, NC - Occurred almost 5 years ago in 2010 - Assessment/community hours completed 3 years ago - 19 years old - Breath test was taken - Lawyer requested each continuance - No failure to appears
Ahh- the details I asked about earlier. Thank you for filling in the gaps. Your lawyer must have had a reason to...
How long can you continue a DUI court case in North Carolina? Is there a chance of the case being dismissed?
- DUI was reported in Pitt County, NC - Occurred almost 5 years ago in 2010
You can continue cases until the judge gets fed up with it and stops granting them. This case, however, is really old....
I was wrongfully terminated due to age, refusing to go to bars and become intoxicated with internal managers to be "hazed"......
I have pictures, recordings, emails with these and several other employment laws that were broken. I also had an accident on the premises, 30 minutes later after it was reported, I was terminated because I was not a "good fit". I was the only employee in my division "old and mature" as they discussed with me before and after my hire; and they told me they were tired of the young girls not being able to perform the duties and wanted to hire an old lady to be a "momma bear" to the department. Unfortunately, I accepted this position. I have had to endure a hostile workplace, sexual harassment, age comments and gestures, shunning, and a workerscomp accident that was denied. What can I do? This cannot go on in this company to someone else.
You should consult with an experienced employment attorney immediately. If you are over 40, and work for an employer...
Knoll Motions to Dismiss...DWI
I read that some appeals court rulings over the past 2 years make it much more difficult to get a DWI charged dismissed via a Knoll Motion. Is this true? Are Knoll Motions still a viable defense, when circumstances are warranted?
Yes, we do Knolls on a usual basis, but its not usually straightforward. You should consult with a lawyer, Knoll may...
Is there any way to get out of a DWI after blowing a .09?
Got stopped at a check-point after 3 beers. Graduating with honors in May 2015 and can't lose financial aid.
Potentially, it depends on the factsbof your case.
I work construction 60 hours a week and I do meth to work better one day I didn't sleep for 3 days because I had to do a lot of
work and rear ended a car in the morning because of sleep deprivation the police came and asked me if I was drinking or using and I said I haven't done anything today but I did meth the night before and it made me sleep deprived the policeman told me that he thinks meth not sleep deprivation caused the car accident and charged me with the dwi can I challenge this and say that me not sleeping not me using the drug caused my accident
This has nothing whatsoever to do with employment. I have recategorized your question so you can get some answers from...