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I read that some appeals court rulings over the past 2 years make it much more difficult to get a DWI charged dismissed via a Knoll Motion. Is this true? Are Knoll Motions still a viable defense, when circumstances are warranted?
Yes, we do Knolls on a usual basis, but its not usually straightforward. You should consult with a lawyer, Knoll may...
I lost my license in 2001 for dui and was put on probation. I left nc in 2004, still on probation, and moved to fl. What do I need to do to get my fl dl or is there a statute of limitations?
No. Whatever requirements you have to do in NC will have to be done before you will be cleared in the national registry...
Plea would be no contest driving with 0.08 % BAC test result
DWI cases are very fact specific and no way to determine anything unless a lawyer is aware of ALL the facts. A .08 BAC...
Friend has felony charge for driving while intoxicated. He is facing prison time for 12 mos - 3yrs mandatory. If he pleads guilty, can the judge possibly grant him house arrest or probation due to a medical ailment. He had to leave his federal job due to this disability and any germs can attack his immune system.
Not likely. You should hey him an attorney ASAP to help him and maybe keep him from being convicted
line and i passed all sobriety tests and there was no blood test can i get my ldp back
More facts need to be known to answer this question.
I am convicted for DWI and My licence is suspended for 1 year I have Limited driving there any way i can postpone my licencse suspanation period for 6 month .
I am unaware of any legal authority that would allow a Judge to suspend a period of license suspension after a DWI...
I was pulled over a week ago because I made an illegal U-turn. I did the field test and the breathalyzer, but the officer failed to read me my Miranda rights, cuffed me and took me to the station. on top of that, he failed to inform me on what I blew.
I would need more facts to give you a concise answer, but officers frequently make constitutional arrests that do not...