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I was charged with (G.S. 20-141 (B)) and (G. S. 20-138.3). Although I am under 21, I had a couple of drinks at a friends house. On my way home, I was stopped for going "60 MPH in a 45 MPH zone." I had a friend on the passenger seat that was in a bad shape thus the officer asked me to blow into the breathalyzer. After five blows, he went back to his vehicle and brought back a ticket. He let me leave and told me to watch my speed. How I have to appear in court on 09/25/2014. The citation does not say anything about DUI or DWI so I don't know what to expect. More importantly, will this be on my record as a significant misdemeanor?
Its called an underage DWI. It is a serious misdemeanor offense and if you are convicted, you could lose your license...
I am 32 and had a caught under DWI. No one hit and there was no traffic problem. I took my vehicle off the road and was waiting for my friends. Mean while police came and took it further. Currently my driving license has been revoked for 30 days. I need to re-collect it after 30 days by paying a penalty of $100. 2. I need to appear in front of the magistrate in the month of November. My question is When the Attorney really comes into picture? Do I need the presence of Attorney while collecting my driving license after 30 Days? Please let me know the complete procedure and also the cost involved in the complete procedure.
You should consult an experienced DWI attorney as soon as possible. For starters, they can help you get a limited...
Is he allowed to drive them to their extra curricular activities. I can not control what he does when I am not around. However, when he is sitting in my driveway behind the wheel and I know he is driving illegally, do I send my children out? We have had a difficult custody battle. I am concerned he will attempt to change our current agreement. His DUI may be my best arguement that they should stay with me. He has them every other weekend now. I'm worried it will appear I went along with this if I don't speak up.
If you have a family attorney representing you, you should inform this attorney of the issue and determine how you...
Do Employer need to mention arrest DWI record in H1B extension application ...I know it's required in DS160 form but not sure if it's required in any extension application ..
Take a close look at the I-129H and your questions will be answered.
I'm just wandering if I will still be eligible for my concealed carry permit if convicted for the DWI? Considering the DWI is a misdemeanor, it is still legal for me to own the gun but I'm not sure about the carry permit. Also this will be my first offense if convicted
The answer is, probably. However, it could depend on the county, and more specifically, the Sheriff. If you were...
I have first pending DWI case and I am filing my H1b extension ..please suggest if it can create any problem
The question does not arise with H1b processing. It may with visa issuance.
I had a DUI approximately 9 years ago in NY, with a NYDL. Last year in PA i received my 2nd offense with a NJDL. I successfully completed all mandatory treatment, incarceration and parol. All fines are paid and the criminal case is closed. Next month i am eligible to reinstate my driving privileges, provided i install an ignition control module for 1 year. I am planning on moving to North Carolina, how will the restricted PA driving privilege affect my application process in NC?
You're still going to have to comply with the PA restriction. You can probably get an NC license but you'll have a...