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Im not in probation
Did you have more drugs on you before you composed this question?
Will the child in question automatically be referred to CPS?
Not necessarily but it sounds like this either happened already or you're worried it could happen if the adult is...
Restriction is to/from work and DUI program. It's a CA license. Thanks!
It depends on who you rent from. Foreign countries do not typically check the restrictions on your license.However,if...
I would like to know if there are any travel restrictions to travel abroad (as tourists) while I am still under court probation for a DUI. I call the Clerk's Office and the lady there said she had never heard of anyone traveling while under court probation. I thought that was strange.
There is absolutely no restriction on traveling ANYWHERE while on misdemeanor DUI probation unless a Judge should...
car at my worke were i was visiting acowerker after workeand my brother went to his girlfrind a block a way and i was arrested for a dui and hit and run on a fence and after iwas arrested my brother came foward and addmited it and i am woundering the odds of me wining my crimnal case there are no eye witnesses to prove he was driver or to say that i was also i got trancript from dmv hearing for court so what do you think my odds are
Impossible to say. Both the Courts and the DMV have heard people make this kind of claim many times and they are...
I was arrested for DUI in Santa Clara county California in 11/2006 and convicted in 07/2007. I was planning to apply for a record clearance when my probation period ended. While looking at my documents I noticed that there was a box checked for "Imposition of sentence suspended for probation period." Does this mean that I do not have to request the record clearance? Will my conviction be removed automatically in 07/2010 when my probation period is over?
There notation means the judge isn't going to sentence you to jail unless you violate probation. There is no such...
I wasn't pulled over because of my driving. Some people in the car had stolen some items from a department store without my knowledge and we were pulled over for that reason.
Even though you're now 18, your DUI happened when you were a minor, so it will go through the juvenile court system....