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  • Arrest For Public Urination Is Middletown Man's 96th

    Tuesday Jan 20 | via The Hartford Courant 

    A Middletown man is facing charges of breach of peace and failure to submit to fingerprinting after police said he urinated in front of a Main Street restaurant Saturday. Joseph Duncan, 59, of Middletown has been arrested 96 times, according to police, and is a convicted felon with numerous charges of failure to appear for court dates on his record.


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  • Springfield police brutality trial alleging Michael ...

    Sunday Jan 18 | via MassLive.com 

    A police brutality case leveled in federal court by a Connecticut man who says police choked and beat him in front of dozens of bystanders in the city's entertainment district is scheduled for trial on Feb. 23. Michael Ververis , 26, a FedEx driver from Middletown, Conn., says he was unfairly targeted by police as he was driving out of the city with two friends after the bars closed one night in 2011. Police reported that Ververis had been disorderly, resisted arrest and grabbed for an officer's gun during the confrontation just after 2 a.m. on Jan. 9. In the report, however, they failed to document that they grabbed a bystander's cell phone after spotting her apparently taking video of Ververis' arrest.


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  • Reputed Bookmaker Gets Bail In Restaurant Arson

    Tuesday Jan 13 | via The Hartford Courant 

    A judge granted bail Tuesday for a reputed mob bookmaker who had a stun gun and a cattle prod when he was charged last week with burning down a Middletown restaurant in an insurance fraud. Federal prosecutors insisted that, as a condition of his release, John Barile of East Hartford be prohibited from possessing "a TASER, stun gun or any personal defense devices that can send an electric volt" and U.S. Magistrate Judge Donna Martinez agreed.


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  • I know he's a doofus, but he's so romantic

    Dec 27, 2014 | via Boston Herald 

    A man hired a crane to lift him up to his girlfriend's bedroom window so he could propose to her in the central Dutch town of IJsselstein. But the crane fell over and destroyed the house.


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  • North Haven Police Arrest East Haven Man in Alleged ...

    Dec 22, 2014 | via Patch.com 

    North Haven police said in a press release that a Middletown resident became a victim in the scam in which a Craigslist post advertised automotive bodywork services for cash. Police said the victim called the advertised phone number and was instructed to meet in a commercial parking lot in North Haven.


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Middletown Law

There is any chance for a modification in his sentence and for him not to be deported
Generally speaking, if he has already plead, going back into court to modify or change the sentence to some sort of...
There is any chance for a modification in his sentence and for him not to be deported
Generally speaking, if he has already plead, going back into court to modify or change the sentence to some sort of...
There is any chance for a modification in his sentence and for him not to be deported
The question has more to do with the criminal law, this is an immigration forum. If you are asking for immigration...
Hello I had a dui charge back in 2005 in Conneticuit I went to the administrative part and it was dismissed due to faulty testing equipment. so it didnt affect my liscense . In Conneticuit there is also a Criminal aspect to a dui charge. I was supposed to do some kind of class in which i never did , I move from Conneticuit shortly after and never took care of the matter . I recently found out that in 2006 a rearrest order was issued . How can I get this matter taken care of with out going to Connecticut any help will be appreciated.
You can't. You will have to turn yourself in and post an appearance bond. You will then be given a court date where you...
I am a Parole Officer and a Gulf War veteran and involved in my community, via my church. I am a 47 year old with only a seat belt violation and one speeding ticket. I do not wish to take the AEP program, I feel I simple used poor judgment. I have seen my parolees have their sentence reduced. I am hoping and praying the same. What advice can you give.
It would be unwise not to take advantage of the AE Program unless you have a rock solid defense to the arrest. Speak to...
I never was arrested while driving a truck or being on the job. I did lose my Motor Veh license but got that back. Driving was livelihood and although I have taken another job in a warehouse part time but driiving is really all I know. The company I worked for prior to the DUI has me on call to work in their warehouse but that is only happening about 6 wks per year. They said if there is someway I could get my CDL back, they would without hesitation take me back.
You should retain a lawyer and see if there are avenues of relief to which you are entitled ether at the DMV or through...
Ticketed 2001, Got letter to appear in court 10-5-2011, license was suspended, was restored 2003.
Once you are ticketed, the statute of limitations no longer comes into play.