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I have to get a photo ID for various reasons but I'm afraid I will be arrested on site because of a warrant I currently have.. I also need the ID for court inconveniently ..
Yes, so hire an attorney to take of the warrant now. You never know when you will be arrested for the warrant.
he have a case in mass for domectic violence and his charge threat to commit crime in mass .his on probation dui do he go to jail.
This sounds like a difficult situation however you dod not pose a question. I kindly ask that you repose your question....
My current attorney who has been dealing with my case, over the weekend was arrested for DUI, and has a few other issues. My trial for a child support modification is scheduled for next Thursday. Can I represent myself and is there any means of info I can obtain on this matter
Is your attorney currently in custody and unable to speak with you or the other side? Or are you looking to fire your...
My license was suspended for 3 months. I paid fines and went to a class.
It's max possible sentence now is 2 1/2 years in the house of correction. Not sure what it was back in the 80s
My cop friend said that usually it will state in the computer if someone is required to have the device in their car. He said it didn't show that with my name. Only that my licence was suspended.
No. The court can deny the prosecutor's request . One example is due to economic hardship.
Can a person get a hardship license with a 24 q conviction for dui
You cannot be convicted under chapter 90 s. 24Q. That statute provides for a mandatory alcohol evaluation as a...
In home sobrietor. Petrified. I made a mistake reading up on the device and many people report false positives and no way to defend themselves. I feel like im constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop. A little peace will help..
What is the question here? Are the tests sometimes wrong? Sometimes. Police you a variety of tests to have the best...