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Dui sponge
I have 2 Dui in my record, for the last one I have a years left of probation The second one I was found guilty on trial Could it be possible to sponge the dui's from record ? Btw that's the only 2 times I have been in trouble with the law
First of all, California does not have a true expungement process (a complete erasure of the record), but does have a...
Can a DUI be a sure denial of DACA?
I'm helping a relative with their renewal for DACA. He had a DUI after his first acceptance by DACA. He did not serve time and received community service and classes (no one was injured). This is his first offense (though I am yet unaware of the full charge). I read that USCIS denies cases with 3 misdemeanors, but this is his first offense. He just received an Intent to Deny; I want to know if he can make a good case with the help of a lawyer and actually get accepted for renewal. He has a stable job, just got accepted on to a 4 year University and is a model student. What can he do to fight this situation. Several lawyers are giving him no hope.
The DACA guidelines specifically state that a DUI/ DWI is reason for a denial. However, USCIS has discretion and can...
Officers never saw me drive. Approached my vehicle two hours post breakdown and last drink. Can BAC RESULTS BE CHALLENGED??
I was given a DUI charge after being stranded on the freeway over two hours after I had last drank. They gave me a field sobriety test and I blew over the limit. My question is ..Don't they have to know what your BAC level was at the time you drove?? Or can they just make the assumption your BAC two hours later is unchanged?? I know for certain I wasn't drunk. I tried to elaborate and give them the details, but was told to tell it to the judge. Cant I easy bring doubt as to the results?? Shouldn't they have wanted to know these things? I was told by officers at the station I couldn't even be charged being keys weren't in ignition. Do I have a good shot at beating this?? I did have the remainder of liquor in my car(bagged). Just to have my belongings gathered once truck arrived.
Both of your statements are correct. The DA has to prove your BAC at the time of driving. HOWEVER, VC 23152 also...
What do I do if my license suspension is up and I have not received a court date from the courts for a DUI I received 08/23/2014
I got a DUI and had requested a DMV hearing for which the DMV sided with the police report and suspended my license until march 13 2015 which is coming up, however I went to court on the date that my ticket said to and my name was not on the court calendar so I went into the DA's office and asked them why and they told me that the courts had not pressed any charges yet that for me to keep checking the court calendar for my name with a time and date to appear or I should receive something in the mail with a court date. I have been checking and still no court date to appear. Now the date to be able to get my license back from the DMV is coming what do I do? The notice from DMV stated to get my license back if I was convicted of the DMV I would have to do the DUI class please explain?
without a conviction you simply had a DMV suspension which is now terminated. Since you waited out the suspension...
Dui but havent been convicted in process of renewing daca...
Im about to get my biometric test next week on the 3/16/15 but i got a dui .09 on the 3 /7/15 court date is on 5/27/ i going to get deny ..i have two u.s.a citizen 4month and 3year old married to a u.s.a citizen since 2011 and she dont work school only im the only one the support my family and i have my 13year old brother staying with me citizen i going to get deny
Your stupid DUI is a huge problem for you. However, i am certain you have a lawyer to assist you, therefore, discuss...
On a matter of a 2nd DUI conviction within 10 yrs on a restricted license does that cover picking up kids for visitation?
My ex just got arrested for his 2nd DUI within a 4 year period. I understand that the DMV will suspend his license. If he is granted a restricted license would this cover the period that he is picking up and dropping off our children and driving around during his custodial time?
A restricted license is good for driving to the DUI program and to work.
What to do?
I had a attorney for a dui he set up the dmv hearing. A couple days later I told him I don't need his services anymore is the dmv hearing still the same day the lawyer scheduled it to be?
Yes, it should be but the attorney will not be appearing. You could call DMV where the hearing was scheduled and ask.