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  • FedEx Ground driver in stable condition after shooti...

    Friday | via CBS 3 Springfield 

    Investigators are working countless hours trying the find the man they say opened fire on a FedEx ground driver with a high-powered rifle southeast of the Memphis International Airport. The victim was transported to Regional One in critical condition, where he has since been upgraded to stable condition.


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  • Raleigh Apartments Sell for $2.5 Million

    Thursday Dec 18 | via The Daily News 

    Creekwood Village Apartments of Memphis LP sold the 96-unit apartment complex at 5101 Raleigh Lagrange Road to Creekwood Village Partners, according to a Dec. 16 special warranty deed. Built on seven acres on Raleigh Lagrange just east of Old Austin Peay Highway, the Class D apartment community's 2014 appraisal is $1.3 million, according to the Shelby County Assessor of Property.


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  • IKEA store coming to Memphis

    Saturday Dec 13 | via KATV Little Rock 

    Arkansans won't have to drive as far to buy a popular brand of Swedish furniture. IKEA USA has announced it will open a new store in Memphis.


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  • Court Order Details Spread of Violent Gang

    Thursday Dec 11 | via The Daily News 

    Fourteen years ago, a group of eight teenagers who lived on Burnham Street in Frayser tried to join the Vice Lords street gang and were rejected. And according to a petition filed in Shelby County Environmental Court this week by the Multi-Agency Gang Unit to secure the city's two latest no-gang zones, the rejection fueled violence that gang unit officers say have been a large part of the gang since its founding.


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  • Latest No-Gang Zones Target FAM Mob

    Wednesday Dec 10 | via The Daily News 

    Two Frayser apartment complexes are the latest no-gang safety zones in Memphis under court orders the district attorney general's office sought from Shelby County Environmental Court. The Ridgecrest Apartments on Rangeline Road and the Greenbriar Apartments on Dellwood Avenue are areas where members of the FAM Mob gang named in the court order signed by Judge Larry Potter are specifically prohibited from gathering together in public for any reason.


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  • Mother shot, killed saving son; MPD officer charged ...

    Thursday Nov 20 | via KPLC-TV Lake Charles 

    The mugshot of the Memphis police officer accused of murdering her wife was released by officials. The affidavit details what happened in the final moments of Keara Crowder's life, which investigators say was taken as she tried to save her 12-year-old son.


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  • Remembering Marion Barry

    Oct 30, 2014 | via The Memphis Flyer 

    Sometime in the spring of 1990, I had lucked into a gig in Washington, D.C., speaking to a meeting of the National Association of Counties about the relationship between public figures and the media. The meeting was in the Washington Hilton, and, after our session was through, I lingered a while and found myself in another ballroom of the hotel, rubber-necking the conclusion of a dinner that was being addressed by the mayor of Washington, D.C., Marion Barry .


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Memphis Law

I recently pleaded guilty to DUI and still on probation. I would like to know if/how I can get it removed or downgraded from my record.
Under Tennessee law , a DUI conviction can never be removed from your record. The only way is to be pardoned by the...
I am on probation for reckless endangerment. I have all of my fees paid and community service hours done. I recently was arrested for marijuana possession, paraphernalia, and charged with a marijuana DUI. I was sober, and I'm confident that the blood test will come back fine and the DUI will get taken care of. But I was still arrested. My PO is going to wait until after my new court case to violate me. This is my first violation. I am a full time student, my record is not bad, I hold 3 jobs. I will pass a million clean drug tests and take a drug class before my hearing. My case is in Shelby County, Division 9. I know that lawyers on this site see VOP cases all the time. What is a REALISTIC expectation of punishment for violation? Anything can happen, but what should I really expect?
A similar question was asked and answered under the Criminal Defense section yesterday, please refer to those answers...
I have been charged with driving on rev. 4.they went back 13 years and counted 1 and 8 years onanouther.
Driving on a suspended license is a criminal conviction. They will count back to the day you turned 18. You should hire...
March 2014 applied for I-130 June 2014 charged with Dui and reckless driving. Case remains open, waiting for BAC results. August 2014 I-130 Approved. September 8 2014 documents sent to NVC I am a US citizen applying for my husband. Husband EWI in March of 2004. Husband never been in trouble with Boarder Patrol and the June incident was 1st time in trouble with the law. I have 5 children, my 5th child is my husbands biological child. Our child has a rare medical condition. I and my son have medical issues as well. Going to do I-601a.
Most likely your husband would be required to produce a certificate of disposition. On the surface, dui should not be...
I was driving down 240 North bound and the drunk driver ricochet's into the railing at the Perkins exits and hits my car on the passenger side. I was riding with a passenger that did not get hurt. I do have full coverage with State Farm. I was taken by the ambulance to BMH ER, where they ran several x-rays and CAT scans (I have no medical insurance). I suffered abrasions and cuts and now have severe pain in certain parts of my body. The narcotics given to me by the doctor aren't really working. I now also suffer from anxiety to drive again. What options do I have? Can I sue the driver? What do I do?
You need to hire an attorney and give notice to State Farm for the wreck. When you are looking at your State Farm...
I tried to get on the pay as you go plan and they said they don't help with dui fines. If I don't get my license back i will lose my daughter. Her father has taken her away from me and i can't go pick her up because I'm afraid i will get arrested. i have never gone this long without seeing her. I can't get a loan b/c of credit. I have an annuity set up, but I'm not getting my next check until Dec next year. We will be in court before i get the check & cannot wait that long. Her father called CPS on me with his own opinions of my life and has no proof/right to say that i put my daughter in harms way. All i do is for my baby, Everyone that knows me will testify to that in court. He has a long drug related path and is still on probation. I don't know if bankruptcy or debt relief is better.
You have ignored this problem for many years and now seek immediate relief. You need to get an attorney to help you,...
We apply for I-130 and a stateside wavier.!what are the chances for a approval having a DUI?
Yes to both I 130 petition and a stateside waiver. Your success or failure will depend on the training and experience...