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  • The Vision | The new era of civil disobedience

    Feb 2, 2015 | via Daily Pennsylvanian 

    What seems to be a massacre of American citizens by those paid royalties to serve and protect such citizens puts us in denial of what our nation describes as its "values for the good of the people" and holds us in sheer angst at the theoretical dystopia that our futures hold. These sentiments are not only for what our antagonists have gotten away with in abusing and murdering those who do not pose a threat, but also toward knowing that wearing a badge - for the most part - constitutes invincibility from charges.


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I got a dui in 2007 and was told by dmv at that time my license was revoked for five years.It is now coming up on eight years and they are still denying my priviledge based on my history.I need a lawyer who can advocate for me in appeal.not having a drivers license is seriously impacting my livelyhood
Contact the NY Bar Association for a referral.
Id like to have a NY license not a ME license. I am eligible for interlock in ME. Can I apply for a NY license with an interlock?
To get a license in a new state, you have to resolve the suspension in the suspending state. So, no, not without...
Also no marijuana was found ,and refused blood test.
1192(4) is operating a motor vehicle while impaired by drugs. It is an unclassified misdemeanor and punishable by up to...
What effect does this have on my visitation, since our agreement says that we each drive 1 way when I have the children for the weekend. She lives 45 minutes away from me. Can I ask for reimbursement for the extra money I would have to spend on gas if I drive both ways? Or is she required to pay for a cab?
I am moving this to the child custody section, because you might get a better answer there. Perhaps you should speak to...
I was caught driving while impaired by drugs.1192.4 for evidence was found and I refused the chemical test.I had a suspended license at the time I was not aware of.I was stop for driving with insurance over lapse.not because I was driving recklessly or swerving out of the lanes.I was the only one in the accident or injuries.
No such thing as "definitely". Aside from you "definitely" need a good NY DWI attorney, there is no guarantee as to a "...
She has had my daughter in the car before and after her conviction and sentencing. I have told her that I am not comfortable with her driving my child at this time. What are her legal obligations as to having an unrelated minor in her car? What are mine, as I know another classmate that she has driven.
If you don't want your child to be driven around with someone who has an IID in their car, don't. She doesn't have any...
After work, i went to a small house party, i had three beers over 3 hours and smoked a marijuana cigarette when i arrived, three hours before i left. The house owner said someone stole his stuff and kicked people out but I dont remember leaving the house.
If it was within the last 24 hours, you can look for a local clinic and ask for a blood test which may back up your...