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I was out of state when I recieved an OUI (failed breathalyzer). The charges where ammended to what amounts to a wreckless op. My liscence in the other state was suspended for 1 year. The 1 year suspension ran through in the other state and ended 9 months ago (case completely resolved in other state). Massachusetts never found out about the suspension, I never recieved any ramifications in Mass. My record on the NDR "should" now be closed. If I move out of state what are the chances my new home state will have a problem licensing me? What are the chances all this could flag Massachusetts to come back after me?
Usually you have to file paperwork with the DMV where your dui occurred to inform them you live out of state. That...
I had a commercial Drivers License. Pulled over, and refused Chemical Test and Field Sobriety. I am currently awaiting trial. I received 2 "Notice of suspension" letters. 1 for 180 Days - Right to operate Motor Vehicle. 2. 365 Days CDL Chem Test Refusal. My question, Will the state restore my operating privileges (Non Commercial) after the 180 Day mark? Please let me know if you need any further details. Licensed in NH, Refused in Mass. Thank you!
You need to re post this question under NH since you are licensed there. As for Mass, the RMV needs to clear you as...
I have long since been cleared to drive in RI... how can Ma penalize me 10 years later?
There has to be more to this story. When you say you've been "cleared to drive in RI," does that mean you were...
I have a current license, car, & car insurance. I am awaiting my trial date. Will I be surcharged?
Whether or not you can rent a car and whether or not you will be "surcharged" (whatever that means) is strictly between...
I have a DWAI in NY , I took breathalizer. I am now charged with DWI in MA and charged with test refusal. Is this 3 year loss of license?
Good evening, your question is a little confusing. It is unclear as to how you have two breath refusals, yet you have...
Charged with a DUI in Florida. If i'm not convicted of a DUI in Florida rather a conviction of reckless driving what consequences will i face in Massachusetts?
MA will also treat an out-of-state DUI just as if the DUI occurred in MA.
The RMV stated I needed to pay a $500 after my admin. suspension of 30days to reinstate my license; however, my court date and ruling was two weeks after that date so I waited to pay until after that date. I was given an additional 45 days and CWOF. The hearings officer said I was to pay $500 to reinstate my license for the admin suspension AND $500 for the court suspension. All I've read so far says I should only be paying one reinstatement fee not two.
In California, the court and DMV are entirely separate. Speak to a local criminal defense attorney.