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I have a employment purposes only drivers license in the state of Florida and a interlock device installed in my vehicle. Can I legally drive to my monthly appointment to have my interlock device recalibrated?
I am assuming you mean a BPO or business purposes only license. This is governed by statute 322.271 the pertinent...
I will be eligable for a work permit drivers license in Florida in September of 2014 will a clearance letter stating I am eligable in Florida work to get my work permit in Kentucky
Yours is not a question of Florida law. Florida lawyers cannot advise you on matters of KY Law. Please repost...
Dui II . I have heard you can fail the first one and not vop.
What you have heard might be correct, depending upon the probation officer. You need to follow all of the conditions...
I was convicted of a DUI misdemeanor in 2001 in the state of Florida. Probation served, fines paid, no jail time. All over by 2002. No prior or new convictions since. Can I get into Canada with only my Driver's License and US Passport? Some background: I will be traveling to Canada in 2014 (6 days, for tourism). I have been researching the Canadian government's website, and it's a lot of information to process. Can you please help me with some questions? 1. Am I eligible to enter Canada under there more "lax" rules, which went into effect March 1, 2012? Or am I still taking my chances? 2. Do I need to (or should I) complete an Application for Rehabilitation? 3. Do I need to (or should I) apply for a Temporary Resident Permit? 4. For questions 2 and and 3, should I apply for both?
I am a criminal lawyer (as will be the vast majority of attorneys who see your question as posted - with "DUI" as...
I got a DUI on a military installation. I got a ticket, paid a fine and never heard anything about it again. I went online for my state record and there's nothing on there in regards to the DUI. So I sent in my fingerprints to see if it was on my federal record and it wasn't. My record is clean. Am I able to join the military if there is nothing on my federal record or state record? I'm trying to join the Air Force but not sure if I will be able to.
Sure if you lie. It us on your record. The question on the SF 86 is have you ever had an alcohol related offense? You...
a problem,up to date with payments. Mother has cancer for the second time. I would like to take her some where in the State. Just for a few days. I have not asked probation yet.Would like your advice first. Thank You
Don't leave the county you are in without first getting permission from your probation officer. If you probation...
Car in my husbands and my name (we are divorcing) But was purchased for my daughter for school and pizza delivery at papa johns.
I would say no, unless they found in the DMV hearing you blew over a .15.