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My family member was in an accident and had a no bond warrant for vop for a dui, what can we do?
Family member caused a three car accident, had a vop no bond warrant for a misdemeanor dui from a few years ago. Was arrested and we are awaiting a trial in the morning. We would like to know what we can do now since she has already been arrested and what kind of lawyer we can contact
You should contact a criminal defense lawyer immediately; not just any lawyer though, someone with experience and the "...
I was charged with a reckless driving when reduced from a DUI but adjudication was withheld. Can I have it sealed and expunged?
It occurred in 2013. I have no other charges on by record.
They are touchy on this because they consider giving you a big break. There is no reason not to. You might have had an...
Can I handle a vop on a dui without much jail time
can't finish farm time because if work and I'm the only one in my house hold that work's family of 5
There are jail alternatives. However, you may need a lawyer for that. Locate an experienced criminal defense lawyer...
Can I take a Florida mandated DUI class in a different state to get my license back?
I was arrested for DUI in 2009 and did not lose my drivers license. The judge continued my case long enough for me to complete a 2 part DUI class and community service. The DUI class was two parts, first part being like six two hour classes spaced out over 2 months, the second part is a 'alcohol & drug counseling evaluation' were they decide if your an addict. I did my community service, took the class, and the counselors were understaffed and backed up, so I made the appt for 8 months later. I returned to court before that appt and the judge decided to give me a drug test, which I passed and he said ok that's good enough case closed. Well, i didnt attend that counseling appt, and the DMV suspended my license 2 years later. I now live out of state, Do i have to return to FL to take class
Check with the Florida DMV. I expect they will have a way for you to complete the requirement, but it may be expensive.
I am currently trying to reinstate my Drivers License. I have completed all requirements but the interlock device.
I am currently trying to reinstate my Drivers License. I have completed all requirements but the interlock device, but I do not own a car to put the device on. Will I be able to still pay to reinstate my drivers license? I cannot obtain a vehicle without one, and I cannot install an interlock device if I do not have a vehicle. How do I handle this situation?
The DMV will not allow you to reinstate your driver's license unless the interlock device is placed on a vehicle...
Not sure whether to hire an attorney from where the dui happened or the county I'm from and where I violated PTR for DWLS..HELP!
Got arrested for dui in one county and was released from jail on pre trial release conditions instead of bonding out (1st mistake!). A month later I was pulled over and charged with DWLS with knowledge but didn't go to jail. I just got a ticket with a court date. A few weeks later I was outside my house and a police officer who was driving by stopped his car and said that I had a warrent from the other county and I was arrested. I was brought to the county jail and a few days later the other county picked me up&I am currently at.I have been in jail with no bond since 7/17/2014 and have no court date until September. Is there any way to even get a bond and should I be looking for an attorney from the county I live in or the county where the first arrest took place? I have cases in both now
I'm going to state the obvious....YOU NEED TO GET A LAWYER! If you've been sitting in jail for over three weeks, it is...
VA suspends DL 1 yr. for DUI in VA, reinstated in 2007. FL suspends FL DL in 2014, effective 08/06 for 1 yr. due to VA DUI. Huh?
Moved from FL to VA in '03 and obtained VA DL. In Aug '06 VA suspended DL for DUI in VA. Satisfied all requirements and VA DL was reinstated in Aug '07 and renewed in Nov '09. May '14 moved from VA to FL and applied for FL DL. It was issued, no problem. End of July '14 received notice from FL DMV that my FL DL was suspended for 12 months as of Aug '06 and they want me to surrender my FL DL. First week of Aug '14, received notice from VA DMV to surrender my VA license due to notice of suspension issued by the FL DMV in July '14. How do I fix this? The VA DMV reinstated my DL a year after the 2006 suspension because I satisfied all the requirements. I have a certified document from VA Traffic School showing I completed the VA mandatory class and a receipt showing I paid the VA fine.
Show proof of completion of DUI school to Florida for your 2006 DUI and you should be ok. You seem to be okay in...