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I got pulled over for speeding 15 miles over the speed limit, but I still got arrested for DWI even when I passed the Breathalyzer test and had no alcohol in my system. I also had a specimen of my blood taken. Will there be other substances found in my blood even when I did not admit to taking any drugs in my system? This is also my first offense. What happens next?
A full tox screen will be run on your blood and if you show any positive finding for a narcotic drug or pot in all...
I was arrested I refused the test,they eventualy got a warrant and drew blood from me. I'm out on bond. I remember the cops telling me that it will enhance or really hurt my case. obe more thing I have a dwi conviction more than five years old will this count as a second offense?
Texas law requires you to take a blood or breath test if you are arrested for a DWI. Texas’s “implied consent” law says...
I got an order of expungement in early October for a DUI arrest with no conviction. I was wondering how long it will take for me to be clear ?
Once the order has been entered by the court, it may take some time for all agencies with records of the arrest (DPS,...
Let me explain this a little bit more. In 2011 I was charged with DUI, but I was never convicted because it was dismissed. Two years later I seeked an expungement and spoke with a lawyer. I ended up getting a signed order of expungement and now Im just wondering what happens next? It was signed on September 30th, so almost two months ago, here in Texas. What do the courts do? What about DPS? My lawyer tells me that an FBI background check will not show this. Is that true? I ask because I eventually want to be a nurse, so I don't know if the boards can see this expunged case?
If you got it expunged, then it will usually take a couple of months for it to be fully "erased" from your record....
I was placed on 6month misdemenor probation for petty theft obviously I didnt stick around to do so , I also have unpaid tickets that went to court and court fees I was on a payment plan but since I moved I fell back on payments so I have a purge as well , I had my license suspended and taken away for two yrs on a possession charge but that was years ago .
The states do "talk" to each other.
To whom it may concert....I had a cleaned récord before getting stopped i Wanna get it appeal im studying criminal justice i dont think its fair that with One mistake my dreams and career goes down The Window what can i do i dont care if im in any type of community service or probation or anything i dont have 10000 dollars to get an attorney but i dont think its fair that money is gonna be a problem on me getting my case clear what do you suggest i do i Wanna Also save my license since i work and study and no One can be driving me around The 15 days still dont pass what can i do to get a temporary license to only drive in the mornings or something like that ? Thank you for your time
Not all attorneys will charge $10,000. Some will charge fair prices and offer a reasonable payment. Use avvo to find a...
I got a DUI in 2005 and the judge dismissed it. In 2012 got a second DUI and my lawyer is currently fighting it. I've been offered a job that requires a CDL. Can I get the CDL out?
Talk to your attorney as they are in the best position to know your facts and situation. Good luck.