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My blood test results came out negative and got held for a night even after blowing a zero. Can I file charges?
I was in a hurry on the way to college due to taking care of responsibilities for the household and was going to be 30 mins late to class. I went 15 miles over a 30 mile speed limit and got pulled over by an officer and had multiple field tests including a breathalyzer after being under suspicion of DWI/DUI and got arrested and been detained from morning to the next morning. Can I file charges?
You may want to take care of the criminal charges first. Locate an experienced criminal defense lawyer in your area,...
How, if possible, can I reinstate my lifetime suspended cdl license?
I was caught, convicted and served 2 years in prison for possession with intent. I used a commercial vehicle and that's why the suspension. This happened back in Nov of 2010. I had a DWI back in 2007 and nothing else on my license. Any way of getting it back?
If there's any chance at all of getting it back you're going to have to have the assistance of an experienced motor...
When can my husband apply for naturalization citizenship if he got a Reckless Driving in 2012 and a DWI in 2014?
My husband wants to get his citizenship so I can get my green card. But the problem is that he got arrested on 2012 for reckless driving and recently got a DWI. My question is when will he be able to apply for citizenship to the USCIS? And also will I be able to get my green card if I'm living here illegally, even though I entered the country with a tourist Visa? Or there's nothing to do about it.?
Five years of Good Moral Character are required. The rest is a matter of facts including whether you would be able to...
I got arrested for DWI, but no alcohol was found in my blood or breathalyzer. I was not drunk either. What happens next?
I got pulled over for speeding 15 miles over the speed limit, but I still got arrested for DWI even when I passed the Breathalyzer test and had no alcohol in my system. I also had a specimen of my blood taken. Will there be other substances found in my blood even when I did not admit to taking any drugs in my system? This is also my first offense. What happens next?
A full tox screen will be run on your blood and if you show any positive finding for a narcotic drug or pot in all...
How does refusing a breathalyzer affect your case for a dwi in the state of texas?
I was arrested I refused the test,they eventualy got a warrant and drew blood from me. I'm out on bond. I remember the cops telling me that it will enhance or really hurt my case. obe more thing I have a dwi conviction more than five years old will this count as a second offense?
Texas law requires you to take a blood or breath test if you are arrested for a DWI. Texas’s “implied consent” law says...
I got 2 DWI but both where dismised can I get my CDL back?????
can you help!!
If indeed both DWI arrests were "dismissed" by the court, then the adjudication is a non-conviction. Your best course...
How long does it take for an Expungement order to complete?
I got an order of expungement in early October for a DUI arrest with no conviction. I was wondering how long it will take for me to be clear ?
Once the order has been entered by the court, it may take some time for all agencies with records of the arrest (DPS,...