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  • The end of a Guerra; DA readies to leave office

    Friday Dec 19 | via Progress Times 

    As his time as Hidalgo County district attorney comes to an end, Rene Guerra finds himself exactly where he was in 1972 when he was released from the Army-in the unknown. "People are asking me that question now that I've been retired by the voters: What am I going to do?" Guerra said with just weeks left in his tenure.


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  • More Stories

    Tuesday Dec 16 | via KRGV 

    Hidalgo County sheriffs have released more information on the raid out of Alamo. Six more suspects involved in a series of shooting are facing several charges.


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  • Texas spa owner sentenced for illegal injections

    Saturday Dec 13 | via Daily Mail 

    Another client became sick and was hospitalized in 2012 Navarro pleaded guilty in June to one count of receiving through interstate commerce an adulterated device with the intent to defraud or deceive A South Texas beauty spa owner has been sentenced to three years in prison for illegally injecting liquid silicone into clients at her salon, a practice that led to the death of one woman. Federal prosecutors said in a statement on Friday that 38-year-old Elva Navarro of Hidalgo injected at least 30 women and falsely told them she was trained and certified to provide the injections.


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  • A Texas Judge Had DWI Charges Against Her Dropped. A...

    Sunday Dec 7 | via 

    Did a shady Texas judge help protect one of his own from a drunk driving charge - and does video evidence now show his colleague's guilt? Texas judge Nora Longoria was arrested and charged with drunk driving in July, but she was let off the hook last month by fellow judge Rolando Cantu, who reportedly marked "other" as the reason for dismissing the case against her. Despite the information available, Hidalgo County District Attorney Rene Guerra told local paper the Monitor that there was not enough evidence to prosecute Longoria.


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  • Video emerges of Texas judge who failed sobriety tes...

    Saturday Dec 6 | via Daily Mail 

    'One-in-a-million' conjoined Atlanta twins who shared arms, legs and a heart die just one day after their birth as parents make heartbreaking video announcement REVEALED: Navy Seals hiked six miles and got within 100 yards of Yemen compound where US hostage was being held - before a 'dog bark' alerted al-Qaeda captors and signed his death warrant U.S. Airways plane makes emergency landing as two passengers and ENTIRE crew are taken ill on flight from Israel to Philadelphia after 'foul odor hits cabin' College gymnast, 21, who was found dead in a restaurant dumbwaiter 'may have reached inside the device to get something after pushing elevator button' Shocking footage emerges of female Texas judge stumble through her failed sobriety test... a month AFTER being cleared over 'lack of evidence' Sony hackers threaten employees' FAMILIES in menacing email after crisis-hit firm spent days ... (more)


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McAllen Law

My husband wants to get his citizenship so I can get my green card. But the problem is that he got arrested on 2012 for reckless driving and recently got a DWI. My question is when will he be able to apply for citizenship to the USCIS? And also will I be able to get my green card if I'm living here illegally, even though I entered the country with a tourist Visa? Or there's nothing to do about it.?
Five years of Good Moral Character are required. The rest is a matter of facts including whether you would be able to...
I got pulled over for speeding 15 miles over the speed limit, but I still got arrested for DWI even when I passed the Breathalyzer test and had no alcohol in my system. I also had a specimen of my blood taken. Will there be other substances found in my blood even when I did not admit to taking any drugs in my system? This is also my first offense. What happens next?
A full tox screen will be run on your blood and if you show any positive finding for a narcotic drug or pot in all...
I was arrested I refused the test,they eventualy got a warrant and drew blood from me. I'm out on bond. I remember the cops telling me that it will enhance or really hurt my case. obe more thing I have a dwi conviction more than five years old will this count as a second offense?
Texas law requires you to take a blood or breath test if you are arrested for a DWI. Texas’s “implied consent” law says...
can you help!!
If indeed both DWI arrests were "dismissed" by the court, then the adjudication is a non-conviction. Your best course...
I got an order of expungement in early October for a DUI arrest with no conviction. I was wondering how long it will take for me to be clear ?
Once the order has been entered by the court, it may take some time for all agencies with records of the arrest (DPS,...
Let me explain this a little bit more. In 2011 I was charged with DUI, but I was never convicted because it was dismissed. Two years later I seeked an expungement and spoke with a lawyer. I ended up getting a signed order of expungement and now Im just wondering what happens next? It was signed on September 30th, so almost two months ago, here in Texas. What do the courts do? What about DPS? My lawyer tells me that an FBI background check will not show this. Is that true? I ask because I eventually want to be a nurse, so I don't know if the boards can see this expunged case?
If you got it expunged, then it will usually take a couple of months for it to be fully "erased" from your record....
I was placed on 6month misdemenor probation for petty theft obviously I didnt stick around to do so , I also have unpaid tickets that went to court and court fees I was on a payment plan but since I moved I fell back on payments so I have a purge as well , I had my license suspended and taken away for two yrs on a possession charge but that was years ago .
The states do "talk" to each other.