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cop I was drunk, because the cop look like he wanted me to say it and I thought he was drunk too, with his ego. So, I didn't take the "test" breath, and the cop gave me consequential tickets, many, many tickets. So, do a lawyer here or anywhere have "connections" to give me good deal. I am guilty as a blue rock and I don't like fighting, plus I can get a ride to work and I am young and will be financially superb one day down the road, no pun intended. Driving while DWI is no fun, but paying the money? Ridiculous. Thank you.
Because a good lawyer can keep you from continuing with your non-defense. And get you a better result than you would...
I was stopped at a DUI checkpoint. There was no illumination, no signage, etc. that would indicate it was a checkpoint. Naturally, I was charged with DUI. The court has provided me with a letter stating their reasoning for setting up a checkpoint in this area, but nothing in terms of a diagram that outlines where the flares, signage, illumination, etc were. Aren't they supposed to have this on hand prior to setting up the checkpoint and be able to provide it to me?
There is a whole body of law on what is required to set up checkpoints. They don't make it easy to locate. Often it is...
I had a DUI in 2008, about 6 years ago and I'm trying to apply for citizenship this year. I've heard I need to get the final court disposition from the court, so i went and asked for it, but they gave me 10 pages file. is this the disposition? it does state every single details of my DUI, but i always assumed the disposition would be a single page paper stating the case is closed. Please help! also, if it is, do i just need to send this file along with my application? thanks all,
It is hard to say without reviewing the documants. The final disposition is one page but it may be in there. There is a...
1) Do I need a lawyer for the court appearance? 2a) Can I fight the ticket B/C the office did not have Reasonable Cause to pull my son over? 2b) Should I? 3) Is fine a flat $100, or $100 per extra person in car? 4) Is the court appearance a formality, or should we come with character reference documentation (Grades, References, Key to the City, etc.)? Thank you so much!
This is a status type offense. Your son has a GDL and had too many passengers in the vehicle. If he was operating a...
The server should have known to cut me off but did not and instead kept giving me drinks which resulted in a Dwi.
Good luck with that. Let me know how that works out for you. Did the restaurant also put the keys in your hand? Did...
for a dui/dwi how likely is it that your cause will be dismissed entirely if the breath test and field sobriety tests are both thrown out in court for being procedurally improper?
More information needed to intelligently answer the question
I have DUI and reckless driving for an accident. If I have to choose (and have option that is), which should I try to drop/reduce the charge for long term benefit? I was only person involved with the accident but both vehicles are damaged. And have level over 0.15.
DUI charge is usually more harmful then merely a reckless driving charge. But with a BAC nearly two times the limit...