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  • Latest on Texas attack: Source: Suspect was target o...

    Tuesday May 5 | via The Bennington Banner 

    A federal law enforcement official says authorities had an open investigation into accused gunman Elton Simpson at the time of a shooting at a Texas cartoon contest, according to AP reporter Eric Tucker in Washington. The official wasn't authorized to discuss the ongoing investigation by name and spoke on condition of anonymity.


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  • 10 Things to Know for Wednesday

    Tuesday May 5 | via The Bennington Banner 

    But it's unclear whether the extremists actually directed the shooting - or if the two gunmen were just inspired by the group and acted on their own. The measure, which passed the House last week, paves the way for an assault on Obama's health care law this summer.


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Maywood Law

NJ Driver. First DWI in NJ, Second in NY. NJ IDRC punishments?
My first DWI was in 2008 in New Jersey. I got a second out-of-state in NY in 2010. My BAC on the 2nd offense was 0.16. Just last year (2014) the state of NJ has reached out to me to undergo IDRC. I was sentenced to 3 years probation by a NY judge, being carried out in NJ. Will this treated as a second offense in NJ? Since I never faced a NJ judge for the DWI offense, how do I report community service, or do I even have to at all? Will somebody tell me I must spend 2-90 days imprisonment? Lastly, if I am ordered to undergo 16 weeks additional treatment, can I complete this if I move out of state?
If the sentence by the New York judge does not include community service, I do not believe that NJ will be able to...
NJ License suspended due to DUI in NJ, Can i drive in other states with same license?
I got a DUI NJ and have a court hearing on June 10, If convicted and get my license suspended can i drive in other states in US with the same NJ license?
In most states no due to the interstate compact. Most states will honor The NJ suspension of your NJ driving...
What obligation do I have if I suspect a co-worker of drinking and/or being drunk at work (we work in a school).
I just found out but it appears that everyone else knows, but no one want to get involved for fear of retaliation from a manager who is trying to "protect" her. What can/should be done. I have no proof other than the smell on her breath and what my co-workers tell me.
I do not know of any obligation. But i would guess it is not safe for the kids. It is a tough call. You could speak to...
My son got rear ended by an underage drunk driver suffered a concussion and cat scan said his back is injured
Was told that I cannot do anything legal wise for he didn't have permission to take the car
You would need to provide more facts such as did he live in the household or was just visiting when he took the car,...
I am convicted with DUI in NJ, Will this effect my I-140 & Green-card under EB-1(c) currently in progress?
Also let me know if i have to declare this to USCIS on the DUI conviction? Also please advice what could i do to overcome this DUI in future. Will voluntary submission of my Driving privileges help me save some fines? Can i have my license submitted for a limited period such as 2 or 3 years??
If these petitions/ applications are in process, you are probably being assisted by an attorney. You should addressed...
Can an experienced "DWI" attorney represent me on short notice TOMORROW for a 3rd offense DWI matter?
It is my third offense, and I am trying to avoid the mandatory penalty of 10 year license suspension & *ESPECIALLY* the mandatory jail time. I do have a drug problem and have been attempting to get checked-in to an inpatient rehabilitation center however it has NOT been that easy to get into one on such short notice. I was in court last Thursday & met with the Public Defender for the first time however he did not offer me any type of deal nor try to help me in any way, therefore I informed the judge that I was not happy with the services given to me by the public defender and I suggested to hire my own attorney (the judge was furious with me but thankfully gave me a 1 week extension to return to court with my own attorney the following week). Court's tomorrow & I don't know what to do...
Use the "find a lawyer" section of this website to find an attorney in your area. Do this immediately since the time is...
Can I go to jail on my second dwi e felony conviction?
I was arrested on September 21st of last year and it's my second dwi case I'm going to courts this Thursday March 19 I have a legal aid lawyer but he's not helping me much And I want to know if should plead guilty or not guilty.
Since you are represented by a lawyer already, it would be improper for another lawyer to give you legal advise 1) we...