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I got a dui in NY and I got 3 years probation. I served 10 months of it and then I couldnt pay rent so I had to take a buddies offer and move out of state. I know they wont chase me for such a minor crime but will it be "forgotten in time"?
No a probation violation does not go away
I was pulled over sept 2011 taken down for a blood test and never heard anything else til may 2014, when i received a letter telling me i had to turn my license in for 30 days..I never received a ticket for anything in 2011. I went to court on june 2 2014 and was charged with a dui, I am wondering is there a time limit on being charged so long after the fact? please help
You should hire a local attorney at once. You have a right to a speedy trial which may have been violated. A court...
is it possible to fight this because they waited so long to charge me? I am in NC
It's hard to answer this question based on the info provided. Generally, the statute of limitations in NC for...
Was convicted of a dui in ca. Jan 2013 ordered to pay a fine and attend classes and a sr22..was doing that till I lost my job and moved to NC w my expecting daughter her 2nd child and her husband is deployed, I contacted the court and they said I had to appear or make other arrangements but wouldn't tell me anything else...what are my I have any? Can I get caught up on my fines and go to classes here.?
You probably need to contact a California lawyer if that was where you were convicted to answer your question.
I watched a football game earlier in the day and had 1 beer and one hard cider at about 3:00. At 8:00 PM I accidentally drove my car into a ditch filled with water. I got out of the car and walked over to a house about 100 feet from the car to call a tow truck. When I returned to the car there was a police officer there. That is when he performed a sobriety test and gave me a Breathalyzer test. He said I blew a .01.
It is impossible to give you an answer without additional information. Your best bet is to consult with a defense...
got pulled over for a dwi was unable to submit a blood test because they did not give me adequate time, phone privileges and resources to have a lawyer present for the drawing of blood. A sheriff showed up to my house asking to physically take my license however did not know if he could since it was from another state
Get a DWI attorney and discuss this with him/her. You have a lot on your plate.
I have dwi, fail to stop at steady red light and civil revocation dr lic
You need to hire an attorney to help you through this. I recommend you contact Bill Powers, his information is in the...