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I was arrested four years ago on a 4th degree dui in mn. no warrant was issued. what do i do?
i was pulled over a yr. later in the same state ran my dl. gave me a warning and let me go. i up until just recently i thought there had to be a mistake in the court. when i went to renew my dl. the state of mn. had put a hold my dl. i live in ar. my dl is suspended but has been valid up until the last year. what do i need to do first?
You should contact the court in the jurisdiction in which the ticket was issued. They likely mailed you a court date...
Can you be charged with assault and battery if both parties don't remember what happen; do to being drunk?
A friend and I got drunk the other night; last thing we both remember was having fun and taking shots at my house. BAC was over .3 on both of us. We both woke up in the hospital in handcuffs and don't remember how it happen. I was fine and his head was split open and face busted up. Neither one of us know how this happen and I had no marks on myself or my hands (as if we got into a fight). If we would have fought; I'm right handed and his face was hurt on the other side. He does not want to press charges even if we did accidently fight and of course neither do I. There is also stuff broken in my house where it looks like he may have fail; but again neither one of us remember. Where do we stand?
I wouldn't be surprised if you are both charged with some kind of disorderly conduct offense. Assault could be awfully...
I was pulled over last march and got a dwi in arkansas. I have not gone to court yet, my attorney is taking it to trial in Jan.
I am being transferred to Colorado by the company I work for on Dec 1. It was suggested by the law office I am working for that I wait at least 6months before I try to get a Colorado license to avoid having a suspension in Colorado. My license is currently restricted in arkansas. I will be done with my alchohol classes and be able to get the interlock system off of my vehicle on Nov. 26th here in arkansas before I leave. Colorado told me that I have to get a Colorado drivers license within 30 days of working in Colorado. Law office said that if I am convicted in arkansas that the state will report the DUI to whatever state I am currently holding a drivers license in. I will need to get new car insurance in Colorado too. Trying to avoid Colorado suspension and 9 m. More of interlock. HELP
Attorney is correct -- your DUI problems in AR will be known to CO if you are convicted. Hope you have a GOOD lawyer...
Can a warrent be issued on a ticket that a judge has already heard and passed sentence on. Ie DUI on a careless driving ticket ?
Blood draw was done but the results came back 6 month after the ticket went before a judge. The judge stated in court no other pending charges were attached to the case.
I doubt that the judge "passed sentence" without having the blood results. If you now have an outstanding warrant for...
I was in a car accident in Oct 2013. A blood draw was done. Is the blood still viable now?
I'm looking at a warrant being issued for DUI. I already went before a judge on the charge of careless/prohibitive driving. The judge stated there were no pending charges and was my first violation of any kind in my 20+ years of driving.
IF the blood was properly preserved and stored it would still be "viable." It may have already been analyzed as well....
If my ex husband let my 13yr old daughter get drunk with him on vacation, can I have his visitation supervised?
My ex and I have joint legal custody and I have sole physical custody. He has multiple felonies and verbally abuses our daughter. He is not mature enough to make decisions on important issues. He has filed for sole physical custody and brainwashed her to agree that she wants to live there.
I am sorry that your family is going through this, it certainly is very serious and you should bring it to the...
Why would a DUI be dropped but failure to submit be charged..when breathalyser failed after 3 times and sobriety test passed?
Stopped drinking 2 hours prior before driving. In front of my driveway. Police sped up behind, said I was speeding,but I wasn't..passed the field sobriety..telling him i was in front of my house. The breathalyser was not functioning properly even after multiply attempts and the cop said I was doing it right.but would have to go to the station..that machine showed a different number but it couldn't be determined what the correct percent was. The attorney says the paperwork showed that it was not working correctly. Now it is going to a jury trial and the dash cam has not be brought into play
Doesn't make much sense if you have evidence that the machine was not working. Dropping the DUI is evidently because...