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Will I still have to get high risk insurance for 3 years even though I have had my license the last 12 years and have a good driving record? Do I still get revoked and have to get a permit to drive to work? Does the state suspend your license for a year then revoke it? Since this is their error will they be more lenient with me since I have been driving 12 years with a good record for those 12 years?
Yes the state may impose the revocation even years later. The remedy was for you to take action back in 2001. Instead...
I got a paper from the state saying my license is being revoked because of a dui 13 years ago. I was put on 1 yr probation, classes, court cost and my license was suspended (I got a paper from the state saying suspended not revocation)for 1 yr. I was discharged from probation after completing everything. I paid my reinstatement fee to get my license back after the year of suspension. I have had my license for the last 12 years and have renewed it at least 3 times. Now the state is saying my license is going to be revoked because I didn't go to a hearing.
The government may still try to take this action.
The four tickets were battery , obstructing a police officer , consumption of a minor , and acceptance or purchase of alcohol of a minor . I was at my house when i was arrested . I did not have any alcohol around me and before that i was punched in the face by a person i did not know . she thought i was someone else i defended myself and walked to my home . they came to my home and arrested me i did not fight it and i did not argue . i told them i was defending my self . they did not give me a field sobrity test or make me blow . I am curently on court supervision for a DUI . I want to know how this will go over in court when they have no proof or evidence of me consuming alcohol . when they came to my house they just walked in . these are city charges not county or state . i am getting a lawyer .
How do you THINK this will "go over in court?" You are getting a lawyer. That is the smartest thing you could do...
I have a valid Illinois CDL license for my employment. How might it effect this. They are telling me it will be sealed in South Dakota. How does this effect my Illinois CDL?
Reckless alone will not DQ the CDL. However, it will be a serious violation and if you have two of those in three years...
cannot be around any of his kids do u know how long he wont be able to have any contact with his children
Hello. First of all, your son should immediately hire a lawyer. This is a very serious matter. I am uncertain of all...
Yes you can. However, if it's private property, the Secretary of State cannot suspend your license.
we have two houses one in town and one in the country . I was asleep at in town house and the atv was at the country home. i was unaware that he had taken it this is his third dui so he is in alot of trouble. the way it is. I just dont see how they can take my atv
The statute allows the arresting agency to seize a motorized vehicle used in the commission of the offense of DUI in...