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I was sentenced under Leanndras Law in NY. I received 5 yrs probation and also ordered for IID for length of probation.
Can I wait out probation and apply for my license then and avoid IID? Or will I still have to install IID?
Speak with your attorney about this issue and have them review the specific terms of the sentence, it may be that with...
How many times a month is a person tested from the probation officers for a felony dui?
if i work 6 days at a job where i cant leave often to see my probations officer, what happens then? and how many times does a person get tested usually on a felony dui probation (monthly) and what if i dont have time to go the probations officer do to my job hours? i work 6 days a week.
I don't think there is a specified number.
Do I need to hire a private attorney for a hardship hearing for a dui arrest?
I intend to hire an attorney for my actual court date. It seems like a waste to spend extra money at this point as I do not see the advantages of having my own attorney for the hardship hearing.
It is always advantageous to have an attorney at all stages of a DWI case. There are many attorneys that have a flat...
Why am i being charged with a DWI even though i was not operating the vehicle?
The officer asked me to take a breathalizer test of which i replied why? i was found sleeping in my car off the shoulder of the LIE in suffolk county. I am a diabetic & was very tired. the officer did not inform me that if i refused the breatherlizer test i could lose my license for up to one year! I drive for a living and now are unable to provide for my family! I am a 57 year old male thats never been convicted of anything like this. I can not afford to be out of work a year, This will cripple me & my family. Sincerely Mr. F Paola
Dear New Hyde Park Driver: Try right now to delete this post. AVVO is a public Internet forum and there is no...
My daughter was convicted of a dwi. She got a interlock system put into her car for one year. Three months in.
She tried to start her car in the morning. The night before she had some drinks. Apparently there were still traces of alcohol in her system. So car didn't start. She was charged with a violation . This is her first offense. She is a single mom with a 3 month old baby. Has a good job. This has been going on for over a year. She never had another incident. The judge wants her to serve 10 to 14 days in jail. For violation. She attends aa twice per week. I think this unfair. She will probably lose her job. And it would be tough on baby. If the judge has already made up his mind. What can we do. He said if we go to a hearing she will get at least 30 days. And he decides. We requested weekends in jail so she doesn't lose her job. And take care of baby.what can we do
The answer is to get a good lawyer to advocate on her behalf. That is an understandably difficult result but it is...
I was sentenced to a 18 month DUI program in CAlifornia, If I live out-a-state, how can I get that change to an online program?
i'm not a resident of California but happen to get my Second DUI offense and was sentenced to 18 month DUI program along with fines.
If your conviction is in California, you should speak to a CA attorney; ideally the one who represented you on the DWI....
Sheehan a judge in the state of Florida got pulled over for dui. was sentenced to jail in Hillsborough County
I have a court case in Florida and I have been fighting with my attorney back and forth about my husb demanding visitations to be out of the state of New york as long as ny Has jurisdiction this judge cannot decide that. I only want bridge the gap alimony I am in school i arrived in ny in april of 2014 concern is this judge she used to be an attorney, defended criminal alcoholics and drug dealers in the child welfare system how can I trust her to make the right decisions when she herself made mistakes . how is she still a judge this is why I'm glad that Florida no longer has jurisdiction over my child and New York now has jurisdiction I'm looking for an attorney/judge doesn't have a drinking/drug record to be fair in my child support visits case in ny marriage last 3 yrs
You have an attorney. Ask your attorney for a plan. Avvo is a website for those looking to hire an attorney and is...