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When I was 17 (I'm 24 now) I got pulled over and arrested for a DWI, I finished court and completed all my drug and alcohol educational programs, and was told my case was sealed. I have recently gotten hired at a large engineering/medical company and they will be running a background check (criminal/driving/education) on me. I will be using a vehicle during this job. I am wondering if you guys think they will find anything on my criminal or driving record. I called my lawyer and he says I have nothing to worry about, but i'm still pretty nervous.
Contact the NYS Department of Criminal Justice Services to be certain. [removed]
Was arrested for public intoxication and indecent exposure back in late 2005 . Accepted an ACD in Queens and was told the whole situation would be wiped from my record in a year or so as long as I stayed out of trouble . To my surprise , it was brought up by the public defender when she was gathering information before I went to see the judge after my arrest . From what I've read around the web , the prosecution can open the CAD if they want . Can this be used against me in my upcoming case ?
I highly doubt the DA will take that into consideration. Scott Gross 516-662-7995 Garden City
Accident with no injuries, involved driver and parked car, driver's vehicle determined to be a total loss through insurance. Should driver re=invest in replacement vehicle (or does nassau county have right to cease new vehicle). If option taken to not replace the vehicle could nassau county sue for insurance reimbursement for the vehicle?
They can only go after the vehicle that was used in the commission of the alleged crime. They cannot go after...
My ex was arrested about 12 years ago for drug possession it was his first offense so I believe it was dropped but he was arrested again last year for a DUI but his lawyer has been able to adjourn it for the past year and a half. Does he have the possibility of facing jail time? Also is there anyway to find out if he has any other criminal records?
I am not licensed to practice law in New York, but generally speaking there is always a chance of jail time with such...
Was previously arrested for dwai over 12 years ago making this my 2nd offense. Not sure if they will hold that against me. Was involved in single car aaccident when swerving to avoid an animal.
It depends on New York's "look back" window for subsequent offenses. If it is anything like TX or MA, they will look...
Can I wait out probation and apply for my license then and avoid IID? Or will I still have to install IID?
Speak with your attorney about this issue and have them review the specific terms of the sentence, it may be that with...
My neighbors son was arrested for DWI two months ago after driving home and side swiping 3 cars on our block. Last weekend I over heard my neighbor telling someone her son's case had been settled with a 'deal'. How do I find out what the deal was. The kids uncle is a Lieutenant in a local police department.
You can try going to the court clerk in the district court in Hempstead to see what the disposition was, although I am...