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I had an Arraignment for a DUI. The prosecutor told me "No alcohol". That's fine with me. I'm not on probation, but was advised that police can come to my home and breathalyze me. I'm concerned about that; reason being is that I've had prior issues with "corrupt" cops in my county. I've tried to file complaints against them about 2 years ago. I'm certain that the DUI was a "revenge" sort of issue, whole other story, unbelievable! Anyway, I don't trust any police in this area now. It would be so easy for them to alter the results of a breathalyzer. I just don't know how to protect myself. If I asked to be taken for a blood test, they don't have to honor that, correct? Please help, as I have very good cause for my concern. Thanks in advance!
Hire an attorney for the dui. They cannot just come to your house and give you a breath test.
I took a portable breathalyzer. I had not drank enough to think that I would not pass it! I could not believe the results, .21!!! I took a deep breath, did not hold back. Officer looked at the results, then wanted me to do it again, I did, he looked at the results again, and made my blow into it again! So I had blown into it 3 consecutive times, with only a couple of seconds in between each one.
While I would certainly call a local lawyer in your State, I would advise that you blow ZERO times into any portable or...
I recieved my 45 day suspension in april of 2013. As of today I'm still suspended due to moving and car problems. I was told by dmv I had no other choice but to get a new car and request an out of state form for interlock program. I just got a car to use last week so I called dmv to get out of state form and now they are offering me incapable status. I already completed my safety classes and sent in letter with re-instatement fee. My question is if all this time I've been suspended will count as my 6 month suspension or will I have to wait another 6 months to drive?
Contact Interlock dept. at DMV headquarters for confirmation of all steps completed and in place for successful...
My lawyer changed jobs so I am now left to do this myself. My case was dismissed. Its been 2yrs since I got the dui. I did the deferral program and completed all steps. I filed the paper for the expungment and have a letter from the court saying that the paperwork is in proper form and a scheduled hearing date. What do i need to prepare for? I cant afford another attorney.
Generally you will be asked how this record has negatively affected you, so be prepared to answer that. Expungement...
I was in a non commercial vehicle that was parked along side Md road. My keys were not ignition and car was stopped. I was still charged. My license were not confiscated as it is WV license. Attorney mentioned being put on stat docket or getting PBJ. When will WV DMV be notified of charges and will I have a hearing at both MD and WV DMV.
First you should refrain from posting facts about your case online. I would also suggest talking with an attorney in...
I got a dui in 2011 and went through the defferal program and had the interlock in my car. by doing this the case got dismissed and I am eligible for expungment a year from my dismissal date which is august of this year. However, i just got a double fine speeding ticket in a construction zone last week. I am going to court to contest my ticket and hopefully it will either get reduced or dismissed. Will I still be able to get my dui expunged even though i got the speeding ticket?
Yes, you will still be able to move forward with the filing of your expunction motion in the county of arrest circuit...
I got arrested in 2011 I did my time payed my my license back in 2012 now in 2013 they are taking away my this legal,how can they wait so long
This sounds like it is different than the court matter maybe??? financial responsibility suspenseion?? Have a...