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I got 3 priors owi driving w suspended could I go to prison being charged with a d felony habitual traffic offender
Relly worried
Conviction of a D Felony has confinement time of minimum 6 months and maximum of 3 years. Depending on what county you...
Do I have to get out of my vehicle at a DUI checkpoint if I will not answer any questions & will not submit to a FST?
If I cannot satisfy the officer, asking questions that I refuse to answer, of my sobriety, & will not submit to a field sobriety test, Do I have to get out of my car, if he says to?
Most times an officer does not ask you to get out of the car it is not a question it is a command. I would say that if...
I have a 10 year suspension dui on my drivers license. There is a new law where I can get it back, but not with a b.a.c. refusal
I did not refuse. I have the police report. In one paragraph in states my blood alcohol level and in the very next it states that I refused. This doesn't make sense. I have gone 4 1/2 years on my 10 year suspension and I no longer drink.
Do you have a question? You can ways seek a specialized driving privilege to get you mobile
I have a DUI 21 years ago and one 12 years ago can I get these expunged. Judged misdemeanors and all request fulfilled
No damage was done, no one hurt one read BAC.08 the other I believe was a 1.01
Expungement is a procedure governed by state law. I am not licensed in Indiana, but in California, where I am licensed,...
How do i get a couple dui's exponged so i can get off the htv list
i have 3 DUI convictions,didnt have money for a lawyer at the time,so i had signed the plea agreements ,in turn i became a habitual traffic offender,i just wanted to know what to do???
Well n California they cannot be expunged, not sure in your state. Check with your local DMV
What if you got a DUI but don't recall the story you gave the arresting officer
Don't want to come off as a liar in court
You could exercise your right to remain silent and not testify in court. Your silence cannot be considered as evidence...
Do I have à law suit? And if so what type
I was charged over the courts.or the prosecutors mistake; held after my prison release date and because of the escape charge classified at a higher level and sent to a higher level Prison farther from home and fewer privaledgs I'm appealed at the fact I was charged with felony DUI. On my second offence is that malicious prosecution?
No this is not malicious prosecution. You cannot sue a judge for entering a sentence. The escape attempt required...