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My buddy got out of the truck before the cop showed up and my buddy had the doors locked truck off and keys in the truck and me still in it so when the cop pulled up i had to start my truck to unlock the doors and row my windows down for the cop because my truck locks and windows are all electric
You have a defense to the DUI if you are charged. The prosecutor will decide whom to charge
Is it illegal to be drunk in illinois
How many drunk questions are you going to ask here? It is not illegal to be drunk if you do not participate in any...
My buddy was driving my truck my buddy got stuck in the snow so my buddy Walker home to get us some one to come help get my truck out of the snow Bank well while my buddy was walking home i waited in the truck well a cop pulls up so i turned on the truck to roll the window down and unlock the doors so i could get out and talk to the cop well my buddy came back to the truck and admitted that he was the driver but the cop gave both me and my buddy a ticket all because i had to turn the truck on in order to lower my window and unlock my truck to talk to the cop and my buddy is going to court to witness that he was driving
Most states have DUI laws that include, in addition to driving while intoxicated, being in physical control of a...
they said that i gave them a breathalyzer but was writen a ticket for refuseing to do so
Cross examination at trial is designed to lay bare the police lies and inconsistencies. Your defense lawyer knows the drill
Can i be considerd temporary insane if im drunk
No, you were not temporarily insane because you were drunk when the police cited you with DUI. That defense will not...
If my buddy drove in a snow bank while drunk and got out and walked home and left me and the keys in the truck and i was drunk and a cop pulled up so i scooted over to driver seat to turn the truck on so i could rowl down the truck window to speak to thecop but after words my buddy showed up and admitted to driving and is a witness to me not driving so am i guilt or do i have a chance to win this in court
The DUI law says if you are in control of a motor vehicle while intoxicated, you're guilty. In your case, you are...
I was drinking in a public place when cops pulled up. The officer asked me my name and if I had been drinking or not. I said no. He then brought out the breathalyzer kit and didnt even read me my rights, he asked me to blow and I told him it was against my beliefs. He then handcuffed me and put me in the car. There was a case of beer at the place I was drinking at and because I refused to blow, I got the possession charge. My friend ended up blowing a very little amount. They took us back to the police station and she got a city ordinance fine and I have a court date and I am getting blamed for the possession of alcohol. The cops were antagonizing me but I told them I have the right to remain silent and I didn't admit fault to anything. Do I need to invest in a lawyer for this?
It depends. If you are under 21, this is going to suspend your license if you enter a plea of guilty. I guess you...