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I received a Statutory Summary of Suspension and on the report it does not state reasonable grounds. Defective?
I was served with a sworn report for a statutory summary of suspension. On the report, it leaves an area to write reasonable grounds. On the one I have it is blank. It doesn't state that this is optional. Does my ticket for "failure to reduce speed" constitute as the reasonable grounds on my report even if not on there. I have a hearing coming up and I am wondering if this could be defective.
There is no defect, and even if there was, the document could be amended on its face in court. You need a lawyer.
If offered RDP for work in illinois, after an informal hearing, with the mandatory time expired, can I fight for full license?
I guess i should have got a lawyer ahead of time, i went to the hearing with a bunch of treatment documents ( 2s ) cause i had weed on me when arrested for leaving the scene. this was almost 10 years ago. the hearing officer did seem like she genuinely wanted me to get my license back, she said i should get it or a work permit, but its up to the review officer. ( I haven't gotten the letter back from Springfield yet. )
If by the license you mean a completely unfettered, unrestricted drivers license, the answer is no. You will not be...
I got arrested for an DUI refusal in Indiana but live in Illinois. What should I expect in the coming Months?
Background is clean with no prior arrests, but 1 speeding and 1 seat-belt ticket. Refused to take PBT (portable breathalyser test) then was offered sobriety test on dotted line into on-coming traffic (told officer I would prefer not to do it into on-coming traffic). Placed into squad car, refused PBT again. Transported to jail, refused again, processed and placed into holding. Was never read Miranda Rights (are they just implied with a DUI refusal?) Blew 0.00 when allowed to blow a few hours later after bail was posted.
You really should retain an attorney in IL to help you through this -- there are not only criminal consequences, but...
How to get my driver's license re-instated in Illinois, No Dui, No offenses within the last 8 years
I was arrested for "leaving the scene of an accident" back in 2005, at this time I was also written up for possession of cannabis. Court was finally done in 2007, which shows on my driving abstract a 3 year revocation. It now seems that An underage drinking ticket (from almost 10 years ago), Is what is keeping the sos from overturning the revocation. I have since went to treatment and got an "investigative evaluation" I'm now wondering if I was too honest with the evaluator, as there is a lot of use history the sos would otherwise not know. before i went to the treatment provider, i had an informal hearing and was advised that if sent off to Springfield depending on who reviewed it, I may get my license back, or I may get denied, and if denied it would be 3 mos more, he didn't send it off.
Go speak with an attorney who is experienced in SOS hearings and drivers license reinstatements.
Can they revoke my drivers license
i already paid for my wrong doing in2003 ,i got a dui did every thing i was told to do ..... the court house lost the pappers and thin found thim 8 years later can this go on
This happens from time. to time. The law requires the Sec of State to revoke driving privileges upon receiving a DUI...
Has a minor been "Convicted of a Misdemeanor" because she plead guilty to the charge of underage consumption of alcohol?
The court disposition states "withhold judgement/supervision"; sentence 1 "supervision 6 months"; and sentence 2 "fine". My reason for asking is that I am submitting her FOID card application and one of the questions is "Have you (the minor) ever been convicted of a misdemeanor other than a traffic violation"? It was our understanding that if she plead guilty and asked for court supervision that it would not be on her record. I don't want to give incorrect information to the Illinois State Police. Thank you.
Supervision is not a conviction under Illinois law.
If you haven't had a DL for more than 15 yrs and have 2 DUI's, do you have to take Alcohol classes b4 u can get them again?
was told at DMV i am eligable to get license back
It sounds like your license was revoked, in which case you have to comply with whatever the secretary of state hearing...