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I was convicted of 1st offense DUI. DMV sent me a notice to get an Ignition Interlock Device (IID) for my vehicle for 6 months but I sold my car last year when I received the DUI and have been riding a motorcycle. DMV doesn't offer an IID for motorcycle so I'm forced to get an IID Exemption. DMV says it takes 4-6 weeks to get a decision on the IID Exemption but it has been 10 weeks. Is there any other legal solution since the DMV does not offer IID for motorcycles but it is a requirement?
Unfortunately there is not. At this point there is no IID for a motorcycle and I highly doubt there will be one in the...
The bullet went through her body and the doctors are not sure whether she will survive or not. Keep in mind that it was a complete accident and the other girl, I think, will most likely survive. The other one got arrested and was released on bail and was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Is it possible to point out to the DA that they were drunk and not in the usual state of mind during the incident? Can the charges be lowered in this unfortunate case in any way? What are some possible outcomes? It was an accident, the other person will not press charges and she was under the influence of alcohol. (I'm hoping that the whole alcohol thing could help her out although it probably is my wishful thinking).
Individuals do not make a decision whether to "press charges" or not. The District Attorney reviews police reports to...
3rd dui within 10yrs. I blew .07, but was on probation for my 2nd dui. I struck a pedestrian but they only suffered minor stitches. First dui was in 2007. I heard they're now counting 7yrs instead of 10, is tht true??
You just posted a related question. Contact some attorneys to discuss your case. Yes--the reach back period for prior...
Hi, the other night I had 2 drinks in the course of 6 hours and I felt perfectly fine to drive my two friends and I home. My friend in the back seat started getting abnoxious and tried to fight my other friend and I while I was driving and I was going to drop him off to the house we had originally been drinking at because He was getting to crazy. And while he was trying to fight my friend one of the two grabbed the wheel , we swerved I tried to control it and the car ended up flipping a few times, we flipped into a woman's prison gate . So cops came immediately . I told the cops I had two drinks. They tested me and took my license. My friend confessed to pulling the wheel. What will happen now? How much will I be fined? ( fyi the car was my friends not mine)
You need to get an experienced DUI criminal defense attorney to represent you. To stop the license suspension, you...
My boyfriend is in jail at mens centreal jail for 4th DUI felony we want to know if he can qualify under prop 47? Or any other law that can release him early ?
No, prop 47 is not applicable to your boyfriends 4th dui, or any dui for that matter.
just got 3rd dui. I blew .07, but i was on probation for my 2nd dui. I hit a pedestrian, but they only got a few stitches, so im only be charged with injury NOT GBI. If i get a felony, i will not be able to work in my profession therefore, I really need charge dropped to misdemeanor by any means.
this is not a funny situation you really need to put your act together and ask for public defender or use a lawyer for...
Been convited of false check in 2001 also other arrest but wasnt convicted on
If the jail is not overcrowded, then you will spend 1/2 the days you were sentenced to fulfill: 13.