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Can you get state probation for a dui with serious bodily harm after violating county probation?
My boyfriend was in an accient that caused him to violate his county probation and one of his passengers had to have facial reconstruction surgery. The passenger is fine now, and we are very thankful for that. My boyfriend was also at the end of his probation with all fines paid and everything required was done. We were waiting for someone to tell us he was off. We have three small children at home. Is there anyway we can avoid him going to prison, and coming home? We will take anything other than prison. We just want him home.
DUI with Serious Bodily Injury is a felony and so a person on probation would be on state probation. It's odd that he...
Probation for driving while license suspended havent paid probation time is up what will they do
conditions of probation was to pay outstanding ticket, pay court cost and get back my license. i have only paid one forth of the court cost and nothing else. time is up. i know i will get a warrent for my arrest, but many months in jail will the judge give me?
You are liable for the amount of the probation generally. If this is a minor traffic offense...go and ask for more...
Is there a statue of limition on a dui indictment that happen in Ny in 1979?
information is needed for a job
Statute of limitations is for something else. If an employer is asking you a criminal history, they want to see if you...
Speeding Ticket on a Military Base
I have a 13 year clean driving record. This is my first ticket. I know I was not speeding and what to contest this in court. My ticket is for $75 for driving: "unlawful speed at 27 mph in a posted 15 mph zone. The offense charged is F.S.S 316.187. I want to know if I will get points on my license and what does this F.S.S. 316.187 code mean? The officer said he clocked me on a radar. Where can I found that information on the ticket? Also, will I have a chance getting this ticket dismissed in court? Thanks!
316.187 is the statute you are accused of violating. In this case, speeding. You could get points on your license....
How do lawyers that send mail after a dui know my address?
After a dui you get a ton of things in the mail offering representation or even after a simple driving infraction. How do these lawyers and ticket law firms know your address? is it public knowledge? I have looked online but can not find any kind of service like that. What would i need to do in order to have access to the lists those businesses have access to?
Booking records are public information, and some attorneys gain access to that information to use it for direct...
How Florida deals with out of state revocation of privilege if it is not for DUI or DWI but for 3 speeds in 18 months?
Accordingly to Florida law there is no such thing like revocation for 3 speeding tickets in 18 months period. In my case this will be equal to 12 points in case I loose at all 3 hearings. To my understanding, by Florida law they should simply suspend my license for 30 days because of accumulation of 12 points in one year. Or it doesn't matter? If your privilege becomes revoked somewhere, they do not care by what reason and revoke your license too? Does anybody know?
Florida has reciprocity with most other states. So if your home state suspends your driving privileges then there is a...
Lake County Misdemeanor DUI Probation to begin soon. What type of alcohol Tests are performed? Civil Liberties Violated?
What common alcohol tests are performed by Lake County Florida Probation: Breath? Standard Urine Panel? ETG Urine? Blood? Hair? I have been granted a Special Condition of "Must not Consume or Possess Alcohol during Probation" It has been three months since the 'incident' and I have not had a drop of alcohol, which is not uncommon, drinking is not a priority of mine. The reason for the Alcohol Testing questions is because "I'm a Gosh* darn* American, and if I want to have a couple beers on a Friday night, that's my right" Though to avoid violation of Probation, and to please the local court, I will obey. Thank you for any education you can provide! "Civil liberties are personal guarantees and freedoms that the government cannot abridge, either by law or by judicial interpretation"
Thanks for your comment. We all cherish our liberty and it bothers us all when our liberties are taken away, especially...