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Have had BAIID without incident 9 months. Service due this Friday, called last Friday and today, provider says no apt available until Jan 7 (5 days late). My paperwork says pre-scheduled apt Jan 2, the due date. I have a call in to Draeger, waiting for response. Provider says lockout will occur. I always call a week in advance to confirm pre-scheduled apt; have always done my due diligence. What will happen with SOS if Draeger cannot provide alternative? Formal reinstatement hearing scheduled end of January. I am extremely concerned because I have done everything by the book. Any advice greatly appreciated, thank you.
Hopefully you have a lawyer. You should contact your lawyer immediately for assistance.
Driving on RDP now, would like to pay in advance if possible. Not certain how much time it would take if I wait until approved; trying to avoid another RDP for the sake of a few weeks. Once reinstatement is granted, how much processing time is involved in paying the fee if I wait until then? I called the SOS office, and they were vague. Thank you in advance for your comments.
No. The Secretary of State will not accept that fee until the reinstatement order is loaded on the system
Is this a good or bad thing for me ? He could still receive it but doubtful he said it could go both ways?! I know that it won't get thrown out or anything Jus curious for opinions I didnt do breathalyzer (First dui 2006 and second 2014) lake county, il
You have an attorney. Your attorney is familiar with your case. All questions, including this one, should be addressed...
I'd like to know advice on giving officers the least amount of incriminating advise, but also know what I do have to tell them and what they can't force me to answer/do
The best approach to take is to not drink and drive. Otherwise, retain a criminal defense attorney. IF you come...
Got arrested for my second DUI I am 24 in lake county, il I did the breathalyzer and failed ( I know I should of refused the test but I did it anyways) I got my first dui at 16 and received court supervision/classes/fines/community service and lost my license for 3 months ! I just want to know what I'm looking at now I plan on hiring a good attorney to help me fight a conviction but I feel hopeless like there's too much evidence :( she marked down 2 different court houses at the same day and time on 2 different tickets ( I also recieved improper lane usage) and put 8:45 pm not am I know I was wrong but I just want to be prepared Cuz I'm probably gonna lose my license for a while :( is there a chance it can get dropped down to Somethin else ?!
You can always possibly have your charges reduced or dismissed. Even if it's not your first DUI. And you may have...
Basically I was let go of a DUI and the officer didn't even tell me what my BAC was. I went to jail and my car got towed. I'm only charged with unlawful consumption of alcohol by minor. Could it be changed to a DUI after a judge questions you? and what should I expect for the penalty for underage drinking?
Since you are underage, you need not be charged with a DUI because any alcohol consumption at all is an offense. Do...
I told the cop i smelled like beer because a couple guys tried to jump me at a party and they spilled beer on me. He ignored the fact took me to the station. Then after the ticket was given i asked for a breathalyzer and he said no. After that he drove me home.
No, you cannot use the fact that you were not administered a breathalyzer in court. Actually, you can try but it will...