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I'm a full time student these are the only things on my record and I don't want a felony charge
You may be diversion eligible on the drug charge if it is a crime of possession. The 2 DUIs pending a the same time...
I have a DUI trial coming up on 3-17-14 related to Ambien. I was not drinking, the medication is prescribed to me, and it is necessary when I have hypomanic episodes for sleep. At the time I was taking Ambien, Trileptal, and Seroquel. All prescribed to me, taken responsibly, before bedtime with my girlfriend caring for me. According to my girlfriend, I woke up around 1:30AM, bizarre behaviors, and then got dressed and said I was going to the store. I ended up totaling my truck and being arrested for a DUI. This happened in August 2011. The city filed 5 days before one year, and the trial has been postponed many times by me so I could gather more info, and them because the arresting officer was out on leave. I'm desperate to win and need some strategies.
The operative terms are "under the influence" it can be alcohol, unprescribed drugs or prescribed ones! People taking...
I recently drove through a DL / DUI checkpoint and random drivers were being directed into a parking lot for screening. I was not so directed. In the past I have refused to answer questions at DUI checkpoints and been waved through. I had not been drinking and had nothing to hide. This scenario is new to me. Am I legally required to submit to and cooperate with this ?
Yes, you are. It is not optional.
I want to know if the 9 month school is negotiable with the DA assuming that it is an open and shut case otherwise.
program is required by the DMV for any recorded alcohol level from the court of point 20 or greater. If the district...
clear record before and crash..nobody injuries
What do you mean? We're you convicted or has it been 3 yrs since arrested?
That's pretty much it. I have not gotten a dui since and now have a Class A.
A convicted felon can not possess a firearm. you should go to court and get the case dismissed and cleared from you...
This is my first DUI, I have no criminal record at all till now. They Said I have to do AWP or 7 out of 2 days which i already have 1 day so i have 6 days i have to do. Im on probation for 2 years and i have to do a 9 month class that i have to pay for and a bunch of fines as well.. so i want to know am I going to jail for 6 days or will I be there for a couple hours and ill be released? the officer in the court room told me that I can just turn myself in and ill be released that day after a couple hours.
The officer in the court room probably has the best insight into what will happen. County jails are pretty full all...