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I am a non drinker charged with a dwi. I smelled of alcohol because I am a bartender and was less than coherant due to a traffic accident.
That would not be helpful alcohol dissipates and it would not show up
My 21 year old son was charged with DWI w/minor in car. His 14 yr sister-in-law was in the car when he was stopped. She was 3 weeks from turning 15. When he went to arraignment, the judge denied him a public defender because he admitted to smoking a marijuana cigarette 2 weeks before going to court. The judge's comment was "If he had enough money to buy marijuana, then he had enough money to hire a lawyer." He did not buy it the marjuana, a friend of his did. Is this a valid reason to deny someone free counsel if they cannot afford an attorney? We have just lost our house & we cannot afford to hire him a lawyer. What can I do to help him?
No, this is not a valid reason to deny a public defender. The variables which should be considered by the Court are: (...
If a person was stopped in Novemeber of 09, and was drinking how long will it be until they can get a ticket or arrested for DUI? The police report states causes as fail to control speed, unattention and followed to closely. The status for field testing is none for alchol or drugs. Can a ticket still be issued ?
If you were not arrested for DWI or DUI at the scene (which in Texas is what they charge minors who are driving with...
We moved in tarrant county, about 2 weeks ago. My husband got a dui in California, the judge agreed to do his probation in Texas. The probation orders are: 5yrs informal probation, 240 day of supervised electronic confinement, (what does it actually means? I called the court they cant give info bout the case on the phone and secondly our attorney wants more money which we can no longer afford) MADD class and an 18mo alcohol class.. Do the case needs to be transferred? Where do we go first? We went to recovery health care and we are still waiting for them to give us more infos bout the case. THANK YOU all in advance!
Did your husband contact the department of probation in California? They will be able to direct your husband to the...
I visited Arlington last weekend for my graduation and on that night I was arrested for drunk and drive and my California license has been confiscated. Now should I visit Arlington for every court hearing? Is there way I can skip that?
I'd suggest you hire an Arlington DUI lawyer to represent you on this. They may be able to avoid you having to come...
Its the first time he gets an DUI and with minors. He also is in probation. But he comitted the DUI crime in another county. He is servin probation for a whole nother county. Is it a felony?
No, it's not a felony, but you will probably be facing a probation violation in the other county along with the new...
DUI and violated probation, His probation was a year.
Depends what state his case is out of and why he was on probation. In california, the judge could remand him into the...