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  • Firefighter accused of punching elderly man at TCUa ...

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    A Fort Worth firefighter faces a felony charge after he allegedly sucker punched a 78-year-old man in the face, breaking or chipping seven of the man's teeth, following an argument during TCU's spring football game last week. Shea O'Neill, 42, was arrested Tuesday evening by TCU police on a warrant accusing him of injury to the elderly, a third-degree felony, after giving police a statement about the alleged assault.


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Mansfield Law

Will a negative etg hair test prove that I was not drinking ina dwi charge where there is no blood or breath test?
I am a non drinker charged with a dwi. I smelled of alcohol because I am a bartender and was less than coherant due to a traffic accident.
That would not be helpful alcohol dissipates and it would not show up
Public Defender.
My 21 year old son was charged with DWI w/minor in car. His 14 yr sister-in-law was in the car when he was stopped. She was 3 weeks from turning 15. When he went to arraignment, the judge denied him a public defender because he admitted to smoking a marijuana cigarette 2 weeks before going to court. The judge's comment was "If he had enough money to buy marijuana, then he had enough money to hire a lawyer." He did not buy it the marjuana, a friend of his did. Is this a valid reason to deny someone free counsel if they cannot afford an attorney? We have just lost our house & we cannot afford to hire him a lawyer. What can I do to help him?
No, this is not a valid reason to deny a public defender. The variables which should be considered by the Court are: (...
How long until you get a ticket or arrested for DUI
If a person was stopped in Novemeber of 09, and was drinking how long will it be until they can get a ticket or arrested for DUI? The police report states causes as fail to control speed, unattention and followed to closely. The status for field testing is none for alchol or drugs. Can a ticket still be issued ?
If you were not arrested for DWI or DUI at the scene (which in Texas is what they charge minors who are driving with...
If I ditched my car to avoid dui charges, will I ensue other charges if I go pick my vehicle up?
I got my car stuck in a ditch and I had to ditch my car because I had a few drinks before the happening. It was towed to a storage and towing facility.
It is possible that you may face charges of leaving the scene of an accident, if you admit to driving, but that is...
DUI Interlock System Requirement
I was arrested for a DUI in the state of TX and it appears as though I will be required to install an interlock system as part of my probation. I have two cars, one of which is my commute car with the other being mostly a weekend car. I really don't like the idea of installing this on my car and was wondering if it is possible to just install on my commute car and not drive the other? I have no intentions of driving without it but don't want to have to do both when I can just limit my driving to one.
The order will state that you are not to drive a vehicle unless it is equipped with an interlock device. You only need...
Interlock Require but not Identified as Required?
I recently received a DWI in Tarrant county with a BAC above .15 which requires an interlock device be installed. I've already had my day in court however my probation paperwork clearly does not have the interlock requirement box checked. Classes and fines are checked however not the interlock device. This is the paperwork I signed as part of my deal and will be pro riding to my probation officer. Also, not sure if this is relevant however my license was not suspended which my lawyer indicated could be possible if they simply forgot. I'm asking purely for second opinion purposes however is the interlock still required and if my license was not suspended should I not receive the funds back that were provided for the license suspension? Thanks in advance.
Call DPS and make sure your license is not suspended, The interlock may have of been condition of bond. When you go...
Is it legal for police to refuse to let me do a blood test if I offer to give a blood sample instead of a breathalyzer?
I was driving home to Haslet Tuesday night from a friends house in Watauga. I had just picked up some food and was eating and driving and I guess I was swerving a little bit. I was pulled over and I refused to do a PBT. I was arrested. At the station I refused a breathalyzer but offered to do a blood test. They told me I could not do a blood test and that I had to do the breathalyzer. I still refused and they put me in jail for 4 days and took my license.
It is perfectly legal AND, you can expect a 6 month driver's license suspension for refusing the breath test. You CAN...