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I just paid all fines off been working 6 months now. Last step was dip I have not till now had the money due to paying on fines. Last pv hearing judge canceled probation due to dip even though I just finished paying off fines 2 weeks prior if I sat 15 consecutive days can he still require a dip in ohip
What do you mean by cancelled? If the judge terminated probation its probably all over and they will not require you to...
What are the specific rules on what counts as clues of intoxication and what does not? Wasn't any road side test administered and refused breath test.
Your speech, nystigmus test, standing, walking, how you ere driving before the stop, odor of alcohol and any other...
Last night me and my boyfriend were driving home and a cop pulled us over [the same cop has pulled us over 4 times already for no reason!] He accused my boyfriend of "slurring his words", mind you it's 3 a.m. We were leaving a family bonfire. Well after he blew a 0.0% for the breathalyzer they said he smelled like marijuana. They arrested him and charged him with OVI, we go to court tomorrow. I don't know what to do. Cops seem to constantly harass us.
If he intends to fight the charge, he should enter a not guilty plea and consult with a criminal defense lawyer as soon...
my daughter got a dui last nite she took the breathalizer she blew a 2 something she has nothing on her driving record has never been in trouble she is 34 yrs old she is scared to death about this she goes to court this Wednesday and I dont no what to tell her for advice could use some advice to ease her mind what should she do she cant really afford an attorney any advice would be appreciated Please . Thank You
First, if she can't afford a lawyer and you don't have the resources to retain one, then the court will appoint one for...
My husban got pulled over for no reason. The pulled him out of the car and schred it. They found a few pills. They did not ask to check the car and I have proof theyu lied on the report. They said on july 19th 2012 they spoke with a janice bray at my house. Well she is my mother and passed away last year. I told his att everything and gave him the papers about my mom. You think he would have a good chance of winning the motion to suppress. He's never been in trouble and we have 5 kids. He's a hard worker and don't need a F5. Thanks
No one should put "odds" on a case outcome. Work with the lawyer you've hired to get the best possible result
It is possible that you could have some liability. So-you should be very careful about letting someone leave your...
He was previously sentenced for drug trafficking and received probation. He completed his probation but was required to stay out of trouble for 3yrs, it's only been two.
He should consult an attorney