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My son got a DUI in 04/13 and signed a plea agreement. His attorney was also his boss at a restaurant. He closed the business without paying my son which started an avalanche of financial problems, then he didn't show up at his hearing. He wasn't offered a public defender, even though he was unemployed, and for the most part homeless. He didn't know what to do, but he's been told if he puts myself on the docket they will put him in jail. A bench warrant has been issued. My son has been diagnosed with a mental illness, and he wasn't taking his medication when he signed the plea deal. This has sent him into a spiral and he makes his living with his car, so this has truly devastated his life.
Your son should engage counsel prior to surrendering on the warrant.
Duid misdemeanor equal probation and prison time???
It carries up to 1 year. And if it is a first offense you'd be eligible for probation whether that be a deferred or...
Multiple DUI offender, been in sobriety for almost 5 years. Recently moved from Florida to Tulsa, OK and would like to know if I can set domicile and receive driving privileges in OK. There's an attorney in CO advertising that he can do it there, but the website hasn't been updated for years and almost seems too good to be true.
If you are not eligible for reinstatement in FL, my present understanding is you can not be approved for a DL in OK.
I got pulled over with 5 people in my car they walked up to the car and told the back passanger driver to step out. Then started to ask the others to step out of the vehicle. When he got to me he asked if I knew why he pulled me over and I said I did not know, then he replied because you went into the center median. It was a 2 lane road on my side and I never went into the left lane I stayed on the right lane the hole time and wasn't near the center median. Then I got pulled out and took 2 breathelayzers and then was taken to the hospital to get blood drawn. He said if I did not comply with the blood test they would take my license.
This is absolutely legal and the procedure in Oklahoma when DUI-drugs is suspected. Whether or not the officer had...
She also has felony conviction for possession of oxicontin what will happen if okla runs check on her? Can it b taken care of from okla?
Misdemeanor cases in CA can generally be handled by an attorney without the defendant being present. I'm more...
I got lucky at my court date and was given a deal to take dui classes and pay my fine and it would reduce to speeding 25+. I sent off for my dps hearing before the 15 days was up yet havent heard back from them. My temp license is due to expire in a little over a week. Will they give me my license back so I can actually make it to my dui classes or am I just screwed?
DPS is running far behind. You might well finish your class before they get to you. If you got your notice in timely,...
I'm ready to just go turn myself in to go ahead and deal with this mess I have created for myself what could I expect to happen when I go in?
Slow down, you're on felony probation in California for what? You got your new DUIs where? Does your PO know you're...