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And what are my chances of going to jail if i blew really high?? First Time offender
You may not go to jail but yo have some serious problems. Please hire a good DUI defense attorney ASAP. On of the...
I've been searching for a job for months now; and I have finally landed an interview with a company with whom I would enjoy working, a law firm in need of a marketing coordinator (Job in OH, arrest in IL). Earlier in the year, I was arrested for Driving Under Influence in Illinois, and after winning my summary suspension case, pleaded for supervision regarding the aforementioned case. At this point, I would like to remain transparent in order to avoid lying to potential employer; but also don't want to give out unnecessary information. Should I prepare a statement testifying to my rehabilitation, or avoid touching the subject altogether? If you were hiring for your firm, what would your opinion be?
If they ask if you've ever been convicted of a criminal offense, you can answer no. If they run your background, theres...
I got labeled as a dependent high risk label and completed my treatment. If I retake the evaluation and move down on the risk scale 1. Would I have to retake the classes or redo treatment? 2. Would the judge be able to see the first evaluation?
Each is different and within the sound discretion of the trial judge
Charged with a dui in dupage 1yr ago and still going to court for it but never received a statutory suspension notice from sos. Also when i call the sos automated call line it states my license is still valid.
You should rely on the SOS records in regards your matter
I am expecting to finally get my RDP, and I am in outside sales. What laws govern the crossing of state lines to WI, IN, MO,IA? I am guessing if I were to get a speeding ticket or God forbid into an accident the other state laws would be in effect and maybe each one might or might not accept valid driving on an IL RDP?
An RDP allows you to drive: During certain times of day. In certain designated areas. It does not allow you to...
I had a car accident in 2007, In Illinois i was charged with a petty offense for driving without a license, and also traffic offense for failure to yield. I know I can't expunge or seal my record. But will still affect me after 7years? Is there anything I can take to show an employer so they don't use it against me?
Has this stopped you from getting employment before? I don't think this type of charge would stop anyone from hiring you.
I've seen you can't do anything about your driving record, but I see conflicting things on whether it's a 2 year waiting period to expunge it from your criminal record or if it stays forever as well.
You can't seal or expunge a DUI supervision.