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Husband has a car accident dwi. He is sued for personal damages but has no money. Can the wife be sued for personal damages.
The wife paid for the car but her name is not on the ownership. She also paid for the insurance and her name is on the insurance.
Your question answers itself. Since you can, and likely will, be sued report this to your insurance company asap....
How do I get a DL in KY after getting a DUI in FL on 5/14/2011?
I'm a 24 male. I got the DUI in FL (where I lived at the time) weeks before my 22nd birthday. I completed all classes, paid fines, finished probation & community service, had ignition interlock for 4 months. Court ordered I should have it 6 months with SR22. After 4 months, I had to cancel & surrender my DL in order to pay rent & basic needs. I recently moved to KY. What do I have to do to get a DL in KY? I need to be able to drive to work. Thanks for your help!
You need to satisy all requirements in FL before KY will give you a license. Talk to your FL attorney on what you need...
I work for a small business as a salesperson. An x employee. Told my boss I was drunk at work.
I am a musician and came to work the day after a gig the night before. I am the the new and only female in sales. Someone told my boss I was drunk at work, which was absolutely not true and my boss alerted the other employees to keep an eye on me that day and the next day because he was told I was drunk at work. He did not come to me to verify the accusation or to see if I was driving or in danger to myself or even tell me about the accusation but he shared it with the other employees. I found out about it two days later from one of the other employees that works in another building. I feel violated and humiliated. Is this permissible in the work place?
Talk with an employment law attorney for assistance. If you want to find one in your area here on AVVO you can select "...
Im on probation and got a dui is there anyway i can get out of it without a provation violation
they wrote me up for no seat belts and no proof registration no proof of insurance witch i had but they didnt give me time to find befor they made me get out of the vehickle and i had my belt on and my wife did when we pulled up to the road block but when i pulled over to the side i took it off and they said that i failed my leg test witch i told them my hips had been replaced so it chouldnt support my weight and said i had slured speach andmy eyes whouldnt dialate and said that i admited snorting a pink percaset witch ive never heard of but i did tell them i had took medication but it was that morning that i was perscribed i feel that i was being hurassed cause the same officer had try to do me that way befor a week earlier and he knew that i had the pill perscibed to me
The best way is to get a good dui / dwi / owi / drunk driving defense lawyer. There are defenses to this charge....
Can a urine test be used if being told I would bear the ex spence, I was not stopped but parked at gas station. I canceled the t
I cancelled the test, but it was sopheoned by the prosc. I had prescrtion meds in my system, the officer claims to have no recording of the conversation. The benzo were inserted into my vagjnia and the pain meds had been taken 5 hrs prior. Can the Hipparchus laws keep the results of the test out of court. Is there a pressident for this. What can I do if anything
The results of the urine test can most likely be used in court to prosecute you. I would like to know what was the...
When someone is on probation then gets arrested for DUI (first offense) what happens to them?
Someone I know is on supervised probation and was arrested for a DUI. What is going to happen to them?
Does that person have an attorney for the DUI or did they previously have an attorney for the probation case? If so, "...
If I'm found guilty of dui in absentia do I have to plead guilty in court years later
I was found guilty in absentia for a dui in 1998 ,my ex roommate gave me the letter they sent to my old address.In 2011 I found out I had a warrant in Illinois turned myself in then pled guilty to dui to end the case.Just curious because in the letter my roommate gave me they said my license was suspended for a year and now my license is revoked
The suspension was probably for refusing the breath test. Now that you have been convicted of the DUI, the conviction...