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a friend of time has been out of rehab for 2 years. He had no taken a drink until last week when he decided to go live with a friend. Since than he has been drunk everyday and out of control. If he winds up arrested he will spend 5 years in jail or he could wind up dead. do I tell his probation office who does not give his urine tests. just has him check in over the phone.
No, you should not risk getting your friend in more trouble than he has already been in or is in currently. If you...
My court date is on March 1st. I have completed drug rehabilitation classes and I am on track to complete 30 out of 40 hours of communnity service by March 1st. I work full time and go to school full time so it has been challenging to find a non profit that can accomodate my schedule. I am scheduled to work every other weekend in a soup kitchen for 4 hours. I am scxheduled to work after ym court date but I will not have the full 40 hours completed by then. I asked my lawyer if it was possible to move my court date to April 1st and he said it is not. Is there any way to move a court date or get an extension on community service hours in state of Connecticut? Manchester Court
You need to ask the court for a reasonable extension ASAP, and not wait until the last minute. Be proactive.... Ask...
In 1998, I was arrested for DUI. I was convicted, and ordered to pay a fine and complete a driver education course. I paid the fine, but was unable to complete the course as I had moved to California. I received a notice recently from the CA DMV informing me that my CA driver's license would be suspended, because CT had reported me to the PDPS. I called the CT DMV and they told me that the court in Manchester, CT had issued the suspension. The clerk told me that the judge had issued a bench warrant in 2000 for failing to complete the course, which was vacated in 2005 and converted to a license suspension. The clerk told me that an in-person appearance was mandatory, and would not tell me what sort of fines and penalties I would have to pay. Do I have to appear, and what am I looking at?
You should contact a local attorney in the area to see if that attorney can appear for you and instead of you!
My insurance was ANTHEM, After I became disabled due to an under insured drunk driver, suddenly my primary insurance changed to MEDICARE. The attorney got his $33,333.33 and now I owe an additional $8,000.00 on top of the $63,000.00 I received for my new bionic neck. WHY IS THAT FAIR? Had I known I was filing a lawsuit, just for the attorney to profit, I would have done nothing. It really seems stupid that the attorneys fee is not diminished since I am now in the red. He NEVER told me this was going to happen. Does he not have a duty to tell me this from the beginning?
I assume you signed a fee agreement with the attorney. If the fee agreement provided attorney fees of 1/3, and he...
I have had a va license for going on 20 years now and they are telling me im suspended in ct from 1992 va dmv is making me clear it ct says i must go to the court and pay $60 to reopen docket and face the reckless driving charge isnt there a statute of limitations?!
there are statutes of limitation for certain offenses. However, DMV will not recognize them in your situation as they...
I believe at that time upon completion of program that the charges were supposed to be dismissed. I know that Motor Vehicle records were. Aren't the arrest record supposed to be erased also upon a dismissal? Been 20 years
In 1994 one accused of DUI could still use the accelerated rehabilitation program (AR) to earn a dismissal of the DUI...
Driving on RT2 a guy rear ended my family- We got out & spoke. Initially he said I could call the police; his tone changed when I said he reeked of alcohol - he promised to cover all damages. We exchanged info & followed him to his home - he's a CEO. Predicament is - last night my back started killing me. I went to ER - xrays were negative but doc said I have strained ligs/muscles & must get MRI/rehab. Since I'm moving - boxes in SUV were crushed and stuff flew everywhere. My printer broke, my laptop doesn't work, and my ipad even cracked - I have pics. I'm not sue happy & believe in karma - that's why I didn't call the cops. Is it ok to purpose covering all damages w/proper documentation via email? He prob thinks only car damage... How do I approach in an ethical manner and not suffer $?
You can try to have him take care of the property damages now. However, you shouldn't try to settle the injury part...