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I was sleep in the passenger seat, i was awaken by the driver screaming and yelling for us to switch seat and her sitting on my lap. I just slid over, I was intoxicated and had no idea what was going on. I slid over and that's when I saw the police behind us. i failed the breathalyzer and was arrested for DUI. She will not admit to driving. she has precious charges for driving with no license. (I was unaware). I have no idea what to do. I've never been in trouble before.
Unfortunately, if the car was still on when you switched seats the fact that she was driving before is irrelevant. The...
I'd like to know if a Wreckless Driving reduction from a DUI in NV will hurt me with a DUI arrest in VA? BAC was a .10. The officer waited almost 3 hours before giving breathalyzer, made me do the FST on uneven pavement in very cold weather and searched my car without asking. He found nothing but I was arrested and my car was towed. I'm concerned this may be considered my 2nd offense??
Only a prior DWI conviction can cause you to be convicted of a DWI second offense in Virginia. A prior reckless driving...
I got DUI in Virginia, I was pulled over because i "barely stopped" at the stop sign. The reason officer was patrolling there, because someone reported gun shots. He suspected me being the one that fired a shot, and used my "traffic violation" as a probable cause to pull me over. He asked me if had drank and i said I had "two beers", he told me to step out the vehicle and he made me take field sobriety tests in which im very bad at because of my balance, I agreed to a breathalyzer test and got .11(BAC). As minor information, I will be turning 21 in a week, and my arraignment is right after my birthday, i do not know if that will have an effect on the case. The time when i got pulled over was about 2am, and i was pulled over in an area that i wasnt very familiar with because it was far.
There are several attorneys who will talk to you and give you advise about your case. The AVVO find a lawyer tool is an...
i was convicted of a 3rd DWI in April of 2010. i am wondering if i am eligible to petition the court for a restricted license at this point and how i would go about doing that
You need to file a petition for a restricted license in the Circuit Court of the jurisdiction you were convicted. The...
That's all
As I understand DC law, yes you may. I believe you must wait 10 years from the date of conviction before filing. I...
I just found out that someone drove drunk a few months back after a night of clubbing. She was in the car alone that night and stopped her vehicle in the middle of a neighborhood and got out stumbling across people's lawns and knocked on doors at 2am. Someone called the police to whom she told that another friend drove her and that other friend was searching for help as well. She got that friend to testify to this in court when her court date came up. How do I report this? To whom? Though they both live in Manassas, I believe this happened closer to DC (though not in DC).
If you believe you have evidence that a person has perjured them self, contact the commonwealth attorney's office in...
I was outside of a concert in parking lot and had a drink in a cup. I had no ID on me and answered all questions asked by officer honestly. We had just started talking to some kids in the lot who had liquor bottles in their hands and they ran away when police showed up. We didn't. I live in New York and officer said I did need to return to VA in October for a court date. Do I need to hire a lawyer to represent me?
Although not required, you should hire an attorney. I handle such charges for out-of-state residents.